Tired of People Dying Needlessly? You Can Make It Stop!

The majority of Americans want health insurance reform with the choice of a public option that keeps insurance companies honest, lowers costs, and increases service. The choice of a public option provides you a non-profit health insurance alternative you can purchase. It’s one that can’t be canceled if you lose a job or move.

We have only a short period of time to reach the critical mass we’ll need to pressure Congress into passing healthcare reform including a public option this year. We need to tell them that including a public option plan in this year’s bill is non-negotiable. Here’s some very important things you can do, right now, that will have huge impact:

Sign the America Can’t Wait petition.
Donate a few dollars right now to the legislators who have pledged to not sign any bill unless it includes a public option. Donations to these are accepted at They Took The Pledge.
Write a personal email to your family, friends, and like-minded co-workers asking them to join the campaign. In your email, ask them to sign the petition at and to consider donating money to public option candidates right away at
If you’re on Facebook, please put this message in your status on your Facebook wall (or something like this in your own words): Tell Congress to pass public option by majority votes. Tell them by going to and to and also to
If you’re on Twitter, please tweet, and retweet this message (or something like it): Tell Congress to pass public option. Go to and and also to – #p2 #hcr.
Pick more action steps from the The Activist’s Complete Guide to Health Care Reform.
Majority votes in Congress can pass a public option. Don’t ever let them make you feel helpless or powerless! Just get busy!

We can reach 500,000 signers by October 21st – if we work together to gather support.

Each of the actions above will have immediate impact on this effort. Thank you for taking the time.

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