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Front Page » Table of Contents » Volunteerism & Service Work

By Randy Leer on May 24, 2011

Folks, this is not a typical post. This is not a political discussion. This, plain and simple, is a plea to all of you to help. Please, if there is anything at all you can spare, give to the disaster victims. I recommend the Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army.

We have seen records made and broken this year. The South and the Midwest have been devastated by floods and tornadoes. The severe weather/tornado season is still very much in the early parts. We could still see many more floods and tornadoes.

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By Janet Morrison on April 22, 2010

Great partnerships are what makes our organization work so well. A couple of weeks ago a group of City Year staff came in early Monday morning to prep many of our sites at Roseland for a group of 100 ARAMARK volunteers who would arrive on Thursday to paint murals on some of our walls and add a new plot to our already thriving garden. The volunteers also took on the huge task of painting the entire inside of the gym/community center as well as creating raised flower beds for the church across the street.

I have to commend Danielle Evans, Children's Education Coordinator, and Tameshia Rudd-Ridge, Digital Connectors Coordinator, for spending so much time and effort on this project. All day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Danielle and Tameshia worked with the City Year group to choose the designs and create the spaces for the ARAMARK volunteers to work. By the time Thursday morning came along, Danielle and Tameshia were up and at work ready to go by 6:00 a.m.

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By John Atlas on December 9, 2009

ACORN has been falsely charged in the news media, by politicians, and even by some supporters. This was the point driven home by Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN (the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now), who gave a talk last week before some 40 people who braved a cold, dark, slushy afternoon to hear him talked about his new book,Citizen Wealth, ACORN, and the state of the progressive movement. It is also the message delivered by an independent investigation of ACORN conducted by Scott Harshbarger, former Attorney General of Massachusetts.

The event held at the Montclair Unitarian Church in Montclair, NJ, and jointly sponsored by the the National Housing Institute and BlueWaveNJ stimulated an impassioned debate about what progressives should do to defend ACORN and addressed the limited accomplishments of President Barack Obama in the first year of his term - especially in light of the hopes and dreams he inspired after his election.

As the moderator, I began the session noting that ACORN has accomplished something unique in our fight for social justice.

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By Janet Morrison on November 19, 2009

I often get random requests from people wanting to volunteer with our education programs. Usually the requests are very specific. They want to come on a certain day (usually a weekend or an evening after we're closed) and during a certain time frame. Oftentimes, they want to bring a large group of people.

I truly appreciate a person's willingness to give of their time, but I struggle to try to reconcile a group or individual's willingness to give of their time (working around their work schedules) with our actual need. There has got to be some way to engage people in volunteering without making our staff work 50 hours a week to accommodate them. There has also got to be a way to engage volunteers in a way that is beneficial to the program instead of just busy-work that is created because non-profits feel the need to cater to volunteers.

The consistent and genuinely engaged volunteer is very rare and hard to come by but they are possible. We have a couple of them.

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By Gerald Britt on November 8, 2009

According to Metro Dallas Alliances Point in Time census, there are about 6000 homeless people on the streets in Dallas on any given night. That is most likely a low estimate. Some of us place that figure considerably higher. While Dallas' effort to deal with the issue of citizens living on its streets and beneath its highway underpasses is significant, the Bridge is not intended to be a permanent solution.

A nationally recognized model for dealing with homelessness is called Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). Permanent Supportive Housing recognizes that there are some people for whom life on the street can be solved, simply by providing them with a roof over their heads and enough support to help them navigate the systems which can help them keep their lives together.

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By Gerald Britt on November 7, 2009

Education is the great equalizer in our country. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more of our children are less equal than others. It's easy to see this problem as insurmountable, target poor students and their families for the 'personal responsibility sermon of the week' and tend to our own. But at the end of the day, if we don't commit ourselves to do something, we will all suffer.

In fact we are all suffering...

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By Tatiana McKinney on October 29, 2009

Hello EverydayCitizens. It has come to my attention that something awesome happened while we were sleeping. Legally Blond Star and Academy Award Winner, Reese Witherspoon donated $2 Million by stepping out to the women's empowerment charity.

Read more of this post here ...

By Tatiana McKinney on October 27, 2009

Hello Everyday Citizens! Join Choice USA, SYRF, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, and Catholics for Choice in their National Call-In Day next Wednesday, October 28th.

Read more of this post here ...

By Tatiana McKinney on October 26, 2009

It's always exciting to see women of color doing amazing things in their community. I was perusing the internet as usual and came across an organization called, the Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative. This organization promotes the first human rights agenda in the United States aimed at eradicating historical race, class, cultural, religious and gender barriers experienced by southern rural black women.

Sounds cool huh?

Read more of this post here ...

By Gerald Britt on June 27, 2009

This pretty much speaks for itself...

Whether with Central Dallas Ministries, or some other organization...find or develop ways to get involved!

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