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Mikyung Lim's Blog

Mikyung welcomes you to read her words here.

Mikyung Lim is originally from South Korea. She received a doctoral degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech. She published a few academic journal articles on the issues of U.S. and world trade patterns and industry performance of certain consumer goods and the impacts of U.S. trade policies such as MFA and NAFTA on them.

Following her husband’s attainment of a new position, Mikyung and their two young daughters moved to Wichita, Kansas in the summer of 2008. She did some voluntary work after the 2008 November election including health care and economic meetings.

Mikyung has written blog posts on U.S. political issues at and is currently working on writing projects regarding social issues.

Mikyung sees social and political issues more through her spectrum of intuition, instinct, and academic experience of analyzing data, numbers, current affairs, and facts, rather than just relying on theories, beliefs, dogmas and so on. She believes that much of the dogma that people speak of today may no longer be applicable to the times we live in now. Mikyung believes that truth, reality, and social justice are in some kind of liquid form, like water, that continuously flow and reshape themselves, although with underling patterns beneath, to adjust to or incorporate newly emerging forces, phenomena, social movements, and other changing social environments into gradually but continuously transforming themselves.

We're happy that Mikyung has joined our Everyday Citizen community.

Readers may browse through all of Mikyung's blog postings by reviewing her complete archives here.

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