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By Mike Nellis on August 19, 2009

I can't say enough about how great Netroots Nation was last week.

It was an incredible experience for me and an ever better opportunity to network, train, and learn from some of the best in the business. (I also played a lot of poker -- lost, but still had fun!) But I wouldn't have been able to go without a sizable investment in me politically by Democracy for America.

Joining great new media activists like Daily Kos' own slinkerwink, Future Majority's Mike Connery, and our movement's 15 year old wiz kid Karl Singer (populista), I was among some pretty great bloggers and activists. But, more importantly, none of us would have been able to afford it without DFA.

I just finished penning a thank you note to the team over at DFA with a $20 check I hope will go to funding the scholarship program in 2010. I've attached it below and I encourage you to do the same.

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By Mike Nellis on August 18, 2009

And she won't tell anyone? Last week, Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins was in true form, and pandering to her base.

A self proclaimed member of the "party of no", she is pledging to do all she can to defeat any Democratic proposal in the House. But when the media wanted to know her alternative plan to the health insurance crisis, things got a little weird. As I wrote last week:

Lynn Jenkins says she has the solution for our broken health insurance system. The only problem? It's a secret -- and she won't share it with us...Rep. Jenkins told her constituents she had an alternative plan but that she "hasn't been invited" to share.
In Kansas the health care crisis is real. Over 350,000 Kansans don't have coverage and that number is rising every single day while Rep. Lynn Jenkins hedges her bets on partisan politics.

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By Mike Nellis on August 7, 2009

TOPEKA, Kansas - Public safety programs have been hit hard both on the local and state levels because of declining revenues and the national recession. But, thanks to the Recovery Act, over 1,000 public safety jobs have been saved right here in my state to keep Kansans safe and secure.

As Kansas Democratic Governor Mark Parkinson announced today:

“Public safety is a top priority for my administration...with the justice grants contained in the Recovery Act, more than 1,000 public safety employees won’t have to be furloughed, and more than a hundred won’t be laid off. Not only is this stemming the rising tide of unemployment – it’s keeping the streets of Kansas safe.”
Today we heard great news in the lower unemployment numbers. Now it's great to see concrete examples of the Recovery Act being used to put Kansans back to work.

More below...

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By Mike Nellis on August 5, 2009

Yesterday, Sen. Sam Brownback (R) had a bit of a problem while addressing the KS Chamber of Commerce. Turns out, whomever wrote his speech left out a crucial element: the facts!

Pitch Plog put it best:

U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback is spouting nonsense in an effort to denigrate a bill intended to halt climate change.

Looks like it's time for a midday fact check courtesy of Media Matters...

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By Mike Nellis on August 4, 2009

I am proud to be organizing online for the Kansas Democratic Party!

Today is President Obama's 48th birthday and the KDP is looking to make it special!


When the President blows out his candles tonight, he's going to make a wish that Congress pass real health care reform this year and provide relief to millions of Americans.

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