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By Bruce Fealk on September 25, 2011

From 1949 until 1987, the Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to operate in the public interest and provide equal time to opposing points of view.

The 2007 report The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio found that 91% of talk radio was conservative and only 9% liberal. According to the report, every weekday there are 2,570 and 15 minutes of conservative talk radio broadcast and only 254 hours of progressive talk radio. That is hardly fair and balanced.

Sue Wilson, a former broadcaster herself, is taking on the issue head on. In 2009 she produced and stars in the movie, Broadcast Blues. Recently Wilson set out on a media tour for the film hoping to inform the public about what they can do to take back the public airwaves from the conservative talkers.

Why is this topic important to the country? According to Wilson, there is a direct correlation between the predominance of right-wing talk radio and voting patterns. “Only about five percent of the country gets to hear any progressive thought on the radio. We are seeing there’s been a shift in the voting patterns. Why do you think Scott Walker and the Tea Party and all these people are thriving, because there’s a drumbeat of propaganda? People are no longer able to differentiate between fact and fiction,” Wilson said.

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This is an archive of blog entries written by Bruce Fealk in September 2011.

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