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Bill Shanahan enjoys coaching debate teams and teaching persuasion and semantics. He serves as assistant professor of communication studies at Fort Hays State University and as FHSU’s debate coach. Bill received his BS degree in speech communication from Boston’s Suffolk University, his MA in Communication from Wake Forest University and his PhD in Speech Communication from University of Texas at Austin. He has also served in the role of debate coach at several other universities.

He is a talented writer. Bill published a dissertation on Nietzche’s rhetorical nihilism and is currently writing a book on Nietzsche’s reception in Communist Germany. He has contributed a couple of chapters to a book on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and a quantitative communication piece which was published in a mainstream communication periodical.Passionate about citizen participation, Bill regularly participates in community and university events that stimulate civic engagement or promote public discourse of ideas. We are honored to have Bill as a member of our blog community. He welcomes mail – wshanaha at fhsu dot edu.