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Phonebanking for Hillary

By Angelo Lopez
November 6, 2016

Thursday night I phone banked for Hillary for about 2 hours. It was fun. When Hillary's lead in the polls was growing, I was thinking I might skip phone banking for her this year. When the polls began to narrow this week, though, I got a bit scared.

It was an enjoyable experience. A few people hung up on me. But most people were very pleasant. I talked to a few women who were angry at Trump's sexist comments and were determined to vote against him. I talked to one lady who hates both Trump and Clinton and is voting for a third party.

I always feel proud to be an American when I phone bank or attend a political rally or participate in any way in the democratic process. I imagine Benjamin Franklin or Susan B. Anthony or Martin Luther King Jr. looking down at us and smiling.

I always tell my conservative friends who disapprove of my politics to phone bank for the candidate you support or to lobby your representative for the causes you believe in if you feel so strongly about these things. I disagree with their beliefs, but I support their right to participate in the political process. That's the whole point of a democratic republic, to encourage all people to take part in the democratic process, whether you agree with them or not.

Here are Hillary's economic proposals

Here are Hillary's proposals on campaign finance reform

Here is how Hillary would fight terrorism and keep our country safe

Here is how Hillary would fight climate change

Here are Hillary's proposals for affordable housing

Here are Hillary's proposals to help lift children and families out of poverty

Here are Hillary's proposals to help rural communities

Here are Hillary's proposals to preserve, strengthen and keep Social Security and Medicare solvent

Here are Hillary's proposals on reforming Wall Street

Here are HIllary's proposals on how to maintain Americans' workforce skills and improve job training progams

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