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Supporting Hillary Clinton for President

By Angelo Lopez
October 30, 2016

I support Hillary for President. Of the two candidates who are running, Hillary's proposals on a variety of issues comes the closest to my political views. I'm a liberal and Hillary is basically a centrist, so we won't agree on everything. But I believe she has the toughness and the right skill set to deal with a Republican House of Representatives, right wing attacks, and the racial divisions that were exposed in this election cycle.

I have a feeling that Paul Ryan is going to have as hard a time as John Boehner in controlling the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives. This may mean that Hillary is going to have the same problem as Obama in trying to find someone dependable whom she can negotiate legislation with. Obama was fortunate to have a skilled legislator in Joe Biden to make last minute deals with Mitch McConnell to avert disaster. I'm hoping Tim Kaine or her husband Bill has the same political skills to act as a liaison to Congress.

My progressive friends agree with many of Hillary's domestic goals, but they worry that Hillary may be too hawkish in her approach to foreign policy. They have valid worries. My big worry is immigration reform. Will she be able to find some Republicans who are willing to collaborate on a good immigration bill? If the Republicans lose badly among Hispanic and Asian American voters, I'm hoping they become more amenable on immigration.

After seeing what happened to Obama, I think Hillary's incrementalist proposals may be the only realistic approach with a Republican Congress. If I thought the Democrats could retake both houses of Congress, I would have supported Bernie. But I don't think that's going to happen, no matter how badly Trump may lose.

Here is a link to Hillary Clinton's proposals on issues like the economy, infrastructure, health care, civil rights and a host of other issues.

On July 2016, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sits down with Vox's editor-in-chief Ezra Klein to discuss her policy proposals

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