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Front Page » Monthly Archives » April 2016

By Ken Poland on April 30, 2016

It’s been awhile since I contributed to KFP or Citizens United. I’m submitting this to both venues.

Yep, I’m still a registered Democrat and identify with Christianity as my religious affiliation. I am actively interested and involved in both of those areas. Thus, I’m zealous. That doesn’t mean I’m a zealot. I try not to be belligerent, warlike or intolerant. I enjoy lively debate on the pros and cons of issues. I tune in on all the debates and town hall meetings, I have time for. I have studied many religions and try to understand their origin and basis. I research denominational variants of Christianity, and, believe me, there are many. I devote personal and group time to study the accepted Christian Bible and how it relates to our present times and issues.

We, in the United States. live in a diverse society that includes numerous religious groups and variants of all those groups. We have political and economic opinions that cover the spectrum from every conceivable extreme.

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By Angelo Lopez on April 24, 2016

When I attended an Episcopal Church in the late 2000s, I produced a weekly cartoon for the church bulletin to illustrate one of the weekly readings. Bible Cartoons is a collection of these cartoons, which are collected from the years 2009 to 2012. I would read the lectionary of the Episcopal Church on Monday and figure out which passage gave me an idea for a cartoon. Sometimes an idea would come from a book that I just read from the church library. At other times, I would free associate and come up with something that is a bit more humorous.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Christianity right now. I've had some wonderful experiences in church and I've had some terrible experiences in church. But overall I think there are more good things about Christianity than bad. In spite of some bad experiences, I still find myself attracted to church and have persisted in trying to find the right church for me. I'm not really a great Christian. I don't love my enemy, or forgive easily anymore. But I do think those are good qualities to have. I like what Pope Francis said about church. The pope said that church is not just a sanctuary for saints, it's also a hospital for sinners. I do not take the Bible literally, but I do find value in the Bible and think it has important things to say about the Jewish and Christian experience with God.

There is a website called Createspace where anybody can self-publish their own book and sell it on Amazon. Just create a PDF file of your book and make sure it is under 400 MB and submit it to the website.

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By Angelo Lopez on April 16, 2016

These past few months many of my friends have contacted me to try to persuade me to support Bernie Sanders. It doesn't bother me. I'm a Hillary supporter, but I like Bernie. I have nothing bad to say about him. Bernie's more progressive in many issues than Hillary. I think Bernie should stay in the race and pressure Hillary to move to the left on more issues. If I thought the Democrats could have majorities in both houses of Congress, I'd support Bernie. But because of gerrymandering, the Republicans will probably retain their majorities in the House. I remember how the House Republicans have obstructed Obama these past 6 years, even though Obama is only moderately to the Left. Both a President Hillary or a President Bernie will have problems with an obstructionist House. I want a Democratic President who is a tough political strategist who can fight the Republican House. I think Hillary possesses that quality.

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By Angelo Lopez on April 6, 2016

Hi everyone. I just finished putting my editorial cartoons into 2 books that I am selling on Amazon. Amazon has a section called Createspace where anyone can publish their own books, so I thought I'd try it out. I was originally going to collect my editorial cartoons in one book, not two, but Createspace has a 400 MB limit for book submissions, and I didn't like how my cartoons looked. I am not the most technically proficient person on the computer, so I spent a month trying to figure out how to fix my mistakes on Adobe Illustrator.

I decided to create a third book collecting my Bible cartoons where I used InDesign instead of Adobe Illustrator and it was easier to create a PDF file that the Createspace website would accept. When I finish this I'll post this on my blog. In the meanwhile here are my two books of my editorial cartoons.

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