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Front Page » Monthly Archives » January 2015

By Angelo Lopez on January 28, 2015

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, so I thought I'd post some songs from my youth. Most people think of the 1980s as being a greedy materialistic time, but I remember a lot of political activism at that time. It was the time of protests against nuclear weapons and apartheid, churches offering sanctuary to refugees of Central America, and an awareness of the struggles of poor communities in the inner cities and the farming communities. I did not think Reagan was a good President and am always surprised at how many people look fondly at his presidency. I thought he was personally a very kind and gracious man, but I've never liked Reagan's politics, and the passage of time hasn't changed my mind. Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis because it affected the gay community, he funded an illegal war in Central America that we're still feeling the effects of, and his economic policies devastated the working class and the poor. The musicians of the 1980s commented on our worries about the state of the nation and the state of the world. Here are just a sample of the many songs from the 1980s that talked about the politics of the times.

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By Angelo Lopez on January 21, 2015

After I attended the Freedom Train festivities in Yerba Buena Park, I went to the Metreon to attend the Black Comix Arts Festival. African American cartoonists gathered to sell their comic books and talk about their work. The previous day, my brother, niece and I went to the San Francisco Public Library to see cartoonist David Brown and listen to some conversations of black cartoonists. I enjoyed being a fly in the wall listening to these cartoonist talk about black issues that I had little knowledge of. The only time I spoke, I mentioned how Asian Americans and other minorities have benefitted from the opportunities that African Americans opened up during the civil rights movement.

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By Angelo Lopez on January 19, 2015

On January 19, 2015, I went on what is announced as being the last Freedom Train to commemorate the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomey, Alabama, in 1965. It was a very festive atmosphere, as many families of all races joined in the Freedom Train and the march in San Francisco. It is a fitting tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the many people who participated in the civil rights campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s.

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By Angelo Lopez on January 17, 2015

Last week's news about the deaths of 12 people of the Charlie Hebdo magazine has sent a shock wave in the political cartooning community. The death of the staff due to Charlie Hebdo's cartoons by Islamic extremists is an assault on the freedom of expression that is one of the foundations of a thriving democracy. Over the decades, political cartoonists all over the world have been frequently the first journalists targeted by extremists, thugs, and tyrants. Cartoonists Rights Network International exists to champion their cause, leading the fight to protect the free speech and human rights of political cartoonists around the globe. The Cartoonists Rights Network International works with a global network of over 600 cartoonists in over 50 countries to monitor threats and abuses against editorial cartoonists ranging from censorship, fines and penalties, to assault, imprisonment, disappearance, and execution. The group brings international pressure on the persecutors of cartoonists by mounting campaigns for their just treatment, among the public at large and within the diplomatic community; as well as reaching out to heads of state and ministries, and coordinating joint actions with other organizations that promote free expression.

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By Diane Wahto on January 15, 2015

Several years ago, when Melanie, one of my granddaughters, was in middle school, the art teacher came up with a fun project—students were to make life-sized cardboard cutouts of themselves and color in the hair, the eyes, the mouth, clothes, and whatever other distinguishing characteristics they wanted to include. Melanie showed me her “flat Melanie” before she sent it off to one of her favorite great aunts. I thought it was pretty cute, but there was no way anyone could ever confuse that flat piece of colorful cardboard for my lively, thoughtful, smart granddaughter. That cutout was ultimately empty of what made Melanie who she was.

I thought back to this art project when I read Gov. Sam Brownback’s inauguration address remarks in the Wichita Eagle. Flat. That’s what I heard in the speech. An inability to understand what is really happening in the state that he governs. A lack of empathy for people who fail to share his narrow moral code.

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By Ken Poland on January 8, 2015

What has happened to all our contributors to Everyday Citizen?

Angelo, you are doing a great job, don't give up! We need more progressive (Democrat or Liberal) writers to start contributing. We don't have all the answers and we don't always agree on all issues. But, everyone should have a chance to offer their take on things. The reading public is entitled to your opinion, so share it.

Sorry to say this old fellow is getting older and just can't put much together anymore. But I do enjoy reading other's contributions and thoughts.

I'm not sure who is supposed to be managing this sight, but I wish they would get the 'comment' feature fixed.

By Angelo Lopez on January 5, 2015

In December 2014 Gallery Saratoga had its last reception. The gallery was founded in 1984 at a little shop in what is now called the El Paseo Shopping Center. A few years later they moved into downtown Saratoga. Many great artists have been a part of this artists' co-op. I was in the gallery for 5 years and learned a lot and met many nice and talented people. I didn't recognize anyone at the reception, but I talked to the people and they conveyed how sad they were that the gallery was closing.

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By Angelo Lopez on January 5, 2015

One of the best up and coming political cartoonists in the nation is Joaquin Junco Jr, aka "Junco Canché". Junco is the political cartoonist for El Coyote Crossing Borders and the San Diego Free Press, and he has had cartoons published in El Coyote Online, La Prensa News, and the Southwestern College Sun. Junco is studying graphic design at Cal State San Bernardino, where he began doing freelance cartoons. His cartoons offer an incisive view of the state and national political scene from a Hispanic point of view. His cartoons at the Southwestern College Sun won awards from the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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