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Who is to blame?

By Ken Poland
October 8, 2013

Quoting from an author identified as Brandon Smith, whoever that is: “The Democrats staged this entire "shutdown" circus in an effort to distract attention from the sideshow freak that is Obamacare. President Barack Obama and his accomplices forced this shutdown rather than give up on an entirely unworkable con of which they personally want no part.”

WOW!!! This character is new on the scene? Who was it that said immediately after the 2008 election and again after the 2012 election, “We will oppose everything the ‘illegal’, ‘muslim’, ‘illegitimate negro child’ that just stoled the election, wants to do. Who was it that said, “We will kill the Affordable Care Act, or else?” Who is it that introduced legislation to kill the health care bill by attaching the defunding of the health care bill before any budget work could be negotiated? And then said if that attachment didn't remain, they would not negotiate any further? Which party does the character that filibustered for hours, reading such nonsense as Dr. Seuss belong to? He wasn't discussing any pros or cons to the ACA, he was simply stalling and wasting legislative time.

Let's just throw the 'dirty baby' (Obamacare) out with the bath water and take our chanches for a cleaner and prettier one later. Is that a whole lot different than abortion. They were involved in the process that gave us the ACA. To claim they didn't have any choice or say in the matter is balogny. It had to have some Republican votes in the House to pass. The Repubs are like the bum who blames the girl for the pregnancy. They want to refuse to pay for the baby they had a part in creating. If you can't abort it, just starve it to death.

Which legislative house refuses to put any bill up for discussion or passage on the floor if they don’t have 100% guarantee of the unanimous approval of their party? Which political party has introduced legislation without even giving the opposition a chance to confer in committee? They didn’t even give them a chance to walk out of the committee meeting if they didn’t get their way. Which party is in control of the branch of congress that has refused to accept defeat and sent the same bill over to the Senate, knowing that it will not pass? Not just once or twice, but 40 some times. Wow! talk about a circus and game playing. How many more parades around the arena will they have to go before getting a standing ovation?

And, getting back to the quoted author’s ‘sideshow freak that is Obamacare’. I guess that author is unaware that a very sizable portion of the ACA had been proposed by the Republicans in years past. The ACA is almost an exact replica of the ‘Romney Care’ bill that Massachusetts seems to be prospering under.

Who won the last presidential election? Mitt Romney ran on the promise that he would kill the ACA on day one. He lost! No it wasn’t a landslide victory for Barak Obama, but he did win the popular vote by a good margin and handily won the electoral college vote. The Democrats lost a few seats in the senate and gained a few seats in the house. For either party to declare ‘public mandate’ for their programs is a little hard to argue. Statistics indicate that the national records show the Democrats had more popular votes for the House of Representatives than the Republicans. Gerrymandering in districts has been suspect. Of course, that gerrymandering works both ways. It is a tool for maintaining control used by both major parties. It will continue to happen every 10 years, until we start drawing election boundaries by population count, regardless of political registrations or which party is in control of redistricting.

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