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Borrow More or Default?

By Ken Poland
September 1, 2013

The foreboding debt ceiling is rearing its ugly head again. Are you surprised? Kick the can down the road and maybe someone will run over and flatten it. Wait till the dead line and then panic. Good decisions are seldom made in a state of panic.

After the 2008 election, leaders in the Republican party declared their major goal was to defeat anything Pres. Obama supported. You decide whether you think that was racial prejudice, economics, or just plain sour grapes. They have done a remarkable job of sticking to their goals. They can’t even support programs that originated in their own historical past, if the President tried implementing them. Partisan politics has trumped all efforts to reach workable solutions. Both sides are guilty in that aspect.

The Democrats haven’t done exceedingly well, either. But give them some credit, most of the compromises have been from them and not the other way around. Opinions differ on that, but look at the record.

The Republicans want cuts in expenditures, but they don’t want to make specifics a part of their legislation. They want the Administration to make the cuts and then they object to those cuts. They have done a remarkable job of blaming the very poorest of the population for the budget crisis. In the meantime, they continue to lavish tax cuts and subsidies to the wealthiest. Reagan’s ‘trickle down theory’ never worked forty years ago and it won’t work today! The rich simply get richer and the poor get poorer. Concentrating wealth and resources has never benefited the general public. Wealth and resources equate to power and concentrated power equates to revolution. It doesn’t matter whether that power is economic, religious, or simply muscle.

What’s the solution?

Defaulting on committments is not the answer!!! Hap Hazzard cutting and chopping is not the answer!!!

Turn the lights, air conditioners , and heating systems off in the halls of congress. Send them all home, without pay. Give all their aids, secretaries, etc. unpaid leave of absence. Let them apply for unemployment and look forward to SS for their retirement. Businesses could save a ton of money on lobby expenses. Let the Administration continue to administer the affairs of government and the Supreme Court can step in if needed to keep them in line with the Constitution and intent of legislative mandates already passed. When we get the income and outgo back in line, maybe we can elect new congressmen and they will understand that they need to work together for the good of all the electorate and not just their political hacks and money sources.

Stop the religious bickering over who we are, as a nation. Religious organizations need to start admitting that they have failed to convince their followers to practice what they preach. Christian religionists maybe even need to start analyzing how their preaching lines up with Christ’s examples. The non religious and anarchists need to look at history and see what their systems produced.

Diversity and independence is what created our nation. Now, our survival depends upon the cooperation of us all.

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