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By Ken Poland
February 4, 2013

What a terrible tragedy! It is tragic that the man who tried to protect the children lost his life. It is a tragedy that the man who killed another and abducted the child thought that was the way to get what he wanted. But the most tragic thing of all is the innocent child that is a pawn in the whole game.

I don't know if Charles Poland is related to me by family decendency or not. All three of these individuals and their families are members of my family by human specie.

Do we need more religion in government? Do we need more guns in society? No one has the magic answer. I don’t have the answer for what will prevent such incidents, but I do have an opinion that more religion in government and more guns in society will not stop such atrocities. That seems to be the focus in the media and debate in public forums.

I, by my own choice, am of the Christian faith. Most certainly, I think if more people knew Christ and followed his teachings, we would live in a better society and world. You will notice I said, “by my own choice”. Government declaration does not make anyone Christian. To say we are a Christian nation does not make us so. My saying that I am a Christian does not make me one.

We are a nation, known as the melting pot of the world. Every religion you can name has some adherents in our populace. Every ethnic origin is represented in our society. Without question, Christianity is the claimed religious choice, in our nation, of more people than any other. However, that is not true world wide. Without question, Western European ethnicity is more prevalent than any other. But, does that give reason to say those two groups have absolute authority to require everyone to bow down in reverence to them? If you happen to be Christian and caucasian, you’d like to think that, but is it right? Will it work?

I’m not an authority on any religions, even the Christian religion, but I’m sure the majority of the world religions have the goal of making their followers better people. Every religion has radical zealots that claim their God, or gods, have instructed them to wreak havoc on non believers, and thereby cleansing society of ‘bad’ people.

History seems to prove that government edict has never been successful in regulating individual actions that will bring out only the positive human relations aspects of religion. Man is selfish by nature. A baby is, by nature, demanding without regard to mother’s needs or comfort. A mother soon learns that the child must learn to be considerate of others, and as the child develops the mother teaches by example and, even sometimes, demands that the child show consideration. That demanding part puts a tremendous responsibility on the adult in this situation. When do we realize we can no longer demand and expect automatic yielding of the child’s whims? Our Christian Bible tells us that if we bring up a child right they will not depart from it. Do we sometimes quit bringing up the child too soon? Or, do we sometimes neglect to notice that the child is no longer a child and still try controlling their every decision or action? If we weren’t taught what was right, will we always teach our child what is right?

Does the village have some responsibility in teaching right and wrong? Do neighboring villages have a responsibility to step in and correct religious, ethnic, or economic bias in local areas? Is that, perhaps, why we have a ‘United States’ and ultimate authority is vested in the United responsibility of government? Our system of government is designed to protect the minorities as well as the majorities. For it to work, we have to have leaders who have integrity and wisdom. Those leaders come from homes that represent society. Has society trained them properly?

At some point in the adolescent’s growth, we have to teach the child to accept responsibility for their actions and that their actions have consequences. Those consequences are most often determined by society. What determines society’s choice of consequences? Experience! What did we, who are the decision makers in society, learn about how to get along with our peers and those who had authority? How were we taught to fend for ourselves or how to defend someone else, when they were being mistreated? Were we taught that society has a pecking order and that it wasn’t always fair? How were we taught to try changing that order to make it more fair?

If we were taught that bigger muscles (male dominance), brass knuckles, knives, or guns were the way to equalize our position, how has that worked out? If we were taught that edict from government would solve all our problems, history proves that hasn’t worked. Were we taught that we had individual responsibility, dependent upon our maturity, to set policies for ourselves that we could live by? Were we taught that our policies must protect the freedoms and rights of others?

There seems to be little evidence in history that all mankind has ever lived in a state of utopia. Does that mean we should just give up? Or does it indicate that we need to learn from history and try eliminating the weaknesses of society and build on those practices that made life more rewarding for mankind, in general? Name calling and casting blame on those who have different opinions or solutions from our own is not working.

Perfection is beyond the reach of man, but improvement is not.

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