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By Ken Poland
January 13, 2013

The ObamaCare Survival Guide is a detailed and easy-to-understand 229-page book about the new healthcare law. That little book will tell you all about how to deal with health care?

Where is that brilliant author when our congressmen are writing laws? The 'Patriot Act', the Healthcare Act, our IRS laws and regulations, etc. etc. could be condensed to just 229 pages!!! The next thing that I wonder about: How do those people justify the approval of the Patriot Act in just a very few short weeks and automatically reject the ACA that was, in fact, debated in committees and even on the floor of congress for months?

That ACA document is 2.700 pages long and over 27,000 pages of regulations to enact it, and you can get the straight and narrow with just 229 page pamphlet.

The advertisement points out that the ACA document is longer than the Bible. Do you think you can get all you need to know about the Bible with a single pamphlet? If you do, then you are most likely going to get a very narrow and limited opinion based on just a very few texts or verses, taken out of context. And just look at all the wasted resources (paper and printing supplies) that have been made available over the centuries since the first written documents of the Bible were produced.

If you limit your study and research to just one opinion or even a limited source of opinions, will you really understand the Bible? If you limit your resources to an opposing religious sect and their opinions, will you really know what the Bible has to say about humanity and humanity's relationship to God? Some people, after extensive study have come to the conclusion that the Bible is a fairy tale and pure fiction. Others will conclude that it is a story of a Terrible God who demands blood and guts and all kinds of vengeful acts by His followers. Some avowed Atheists have concluded after careful study and research that there is a real God and it is the God of the Scriptures (Holy Bible).

I beleive God created us with a mind and the ability to reason, remember, and plan for our future. How he created us is not the real issue. If it is the result of a snap of His fingers and man (modern man as we know) appeared, then so be it. If it is the result of evolution and gradual perfection, then so be it. How we interpret history and man's relationship with man is determined by our knowledge of history, present conditions, and how we think the future will be. No man or document can declare the absolutes and meet everyone's spiritual or emotional needs. No single health care system is the absolute solution to man's health and neither can we gaurantee utopia with any single plan or program.

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