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Everyone Needs to be Involved

By Ken Poland
December 28, 2012

Angelo and I have been conributing articles describing Christian groups and individuals and their contribution to society. I've sometimes been quite critical of the Christian community, but I've also pointed out vast areas in which Christians can be and have been what I call servants of God. What I have observed is that many Christians have allowed theological technicalities to separate and divide, at the expense of Christ's Gospel which included Social Issues and Social Justice. Salvation (reconciliation of sinful man with God) is certainly the first and most important message of the Gospel. However, how that inspires us to look beyond the 'save 'em and leave 'em to their own struggles' will be reflected in the genuine acceptance of God's Grace for ourselves and an obligation to share that Grace with others. The acronym of G R A C E can stand for Gods' Reward At Christ's Expense. GRACE or our contribution to society can mean our reward for others less fortunate than ourselves at our own expense. We give, even if the recipients aren't worthy or industrious in our opinion. We give because we have and someone needs.

Christian has essentially become a generic term that has diversly different meaning to non Christian individuals as well as the different flavors of professing Christian groups.

We have diversity in our author/contributors and our visitors. Some are passive believers and non believers who choose not to express their views as they relate to their faith or lack of faith. We have some who are extremely critical of others who don't share their own views. We also have some who share their organizational efforts and Social Justice programs that don't have any direct connection to any given religious faith or organization. We need them all!

Should we be cruely critical or judgmental of the contributions and comments of those we don't share total agreement with? Surely not! If I can't have dialogue with others who don't share my evaluation of religion, politics, and social issues, I will only stagnate and deprive myself of enlightenment that helps me grow in wisdom and usefulness in society.

There are many organizations involved in trying to improve society. Let's hear from you. I miss the bygone days when we had several contributions to our blogg on any given day and about a variety of interests. Do we have anyone who knows how to get our comment feature back in operation?

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