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By Ken Poland
October 27, 2012

You have the freedom to stay poor! But you don't deserve the compasssion or help from the wealthy to relieve your poverty. Government only exists to protect the property and wealth of those who are fortunate enough to have hit it lucky in business or inherited a windfall. The constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing only means to apply to those who are happy and well off. Freedom of Religion is only freedom for those whose Christian philosopy agrees with the 'white Anglo-Saxon' controlled entities.

Rima RegasMission Viejo, CA Verified NYT Pick FLAG If a bus full of very eloquent nuns and a binder-full of letters from bishops weren't enough to trump the glory of high political office and bring Paul Ryan back to the Catholic fold, nothing ever will. Paul Ryan may like to call himself a Catholic but his real religion is the GOP.

The GOP has its own canon, one where wrong is right and right is socialist. A canon whereby a child is conceived even before a sex act has taken place. A canon where victims are at fault and must be forever punished, at their own cost. A canon where rape is from G-d and a child is only sacred when it is in the womb. A canon where there is no responsibility to society. A canon where pooling one's resources is deemed to be a form of slavery and being left on your own is valued and called freedom.

How can Catholicism or any other religion, for that matter, compete with this utter selfishness and glorification of dishonesty? The GOP has not only perfected the game of rigging politics, they've come up with their own religion.

Paul Ryan thinks we're all fish and he's not going to feed us. Remember that, people!
Oct. 24, 2012 at 8:45 p.m.REPLYRECOMMEND1182

I liked this comment. Rima said it better than I could and certainly exposed the misconception of Ryan and the GOP as being champions of the underprivilieged and poor folks. Their entire program is based on the theory that the wealthy will somehow let enough crumbs fall from their tables to sustain the starving misfits that plague their 'gated' society.

There are certainly some folks who will not lift their fingers to help themselves, but they are a minority among those in society who need a helping hand. The majority of those 47% that Romeny belittles are honest deserving folks who lived decent lives and contributed to the social environment that made community a worthwhile place to live.

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