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Romney's Surprise ?

By Ken Poland
October 5, 2012

It will be a surprise to him, too. He flits from limb to limb like a song bird.

All his talk about 'bi-partisan' is silly. How was Pres. Obama to work bi-partisan, when the Republicans promised from day one that he would not get anything from them! If he wins (oh no!) and the Democrats work like the Republicans did, he won't get anything done, either.

All they have in their sack of surprises is promises of lowering income tax to stimulate the economy and roll back regulations more yet. If the 47% he talked about are not paying taxes now and they can't buy anything they don't need for their basic existence, how is lowering income taxes on the rich going to simulate the economy and produce all the millions of jobs he is promising? The rich are already buying about anything they want, so what are they going to buy that will create all the demand that requires more employment?

I said the invasion of Iraq would be about as successful as trying to stomp out an ant hill with your bare feet. And I'm of the same opinion concerning Afganistan and Iran. We are not going to establish any successful democracies in the middle East that are friendly to the U.S. Israel is friendly only as long as we support their agenda and furnish them with military support. We gave them nuclear weapons and now they are demanding that we stop any other nuclear development in the mid East. I was in favor of pushing Iraq and Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and thought Bush, Sr was wise in rejecting the war hawks demand that we move in and take over Iraq.

Romney takes great pride in the health care law he signed into law as governor, but declares the same bill as being a total disaster for the nation. Figure that out, if you can. Does he even recognize himself when he looks in a mirror?

He campaigns like he was vying for a CEO position in a company. He forgets that he won't be able to just make policy without regard to stockholders or even his board of directors.

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