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Radical Power

By Ken Poland
October 20, 2012

Angelo, I really appreciate your insight and diligent research. Of course, the fact that I agree, for the most part, with your social and political positions might influence my appreciation a little. Nevertheless, keep up your good work and didication to EVERYDAY CITITZEN.

You point out that it is the radicals who have persisted and brought about changes. That is true. The problem we have today is that we have no moderate middle ground folks. When the radical, by shear force is able to control, justice goes out the window. Extreme measures are taken and the 'silent majority' are left holding the pieces of a torn society. Radical extremists, whether religious or sectarian seldom consider the impact of their narrow definition of rights for all of society. Religious zealots and extremists are more concerned about the hereafter and their role in deciding who will be where when that time comes. Their hereafter does not include the immediate present and individual diversity. The sectarians are usually concerned more for the immediate advantages for themselves, even at the expense of others, and have no concern about the future here on earth or the hereafter.

We have a strange coalition of religious extremist and the, honestly, sectarian method of advancing themselves by ignoring the masses of humanity who have little power or influence to protect themselves.

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