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By Ken Poland
August 5, 2012

Thanks again, Angelo, for your choice of champions for the progressive and, so called, liberal advocates in the political & social arena of today.

Corretta Scott King has been a solid spokesman for the civil rights of all. Neither she nor her husband, Martin, came across as being extremist or radical in their presentation. Yes, they had radical opinions and ideas that were presented at the right time and for the right purposes. Thier poise and steadfast dedication to the causes they championed were a great source of strength and motivation for others to stand up and be counted.

The color of their skin gave them a unique perspective on the injustice of the social norms and systems that had persisted in society. They took advantage of opportunity for education that many in society, regardless of ethnic or economic inheritance, never had. I don't think they were driven by any thing other than a deep heart felt compassion for justice, freedom, and respect for all persons in society. I believe they had a true devotion to their God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. But that didn't give them the authority to judge all others and demand they profess the same theology and doctrine as they did. They, certainly, encouraged others to accept their God and Saviour, but if others didn't, they still demanded equal protection under the laws of our nation, regardless of color or social standing.

I don't recall any reports of their being disrepectful to their adversaries nor of their claiming any special dispensation from their God to declare His judgment on others, who didn't adhere to the King's idea of justice and freedom of all God's 'chosen' people. I don't recall ever reading or hearing that they endorsed or condemned other's choice of sexual orientation or religious affiliation. What they did advocate was the right of all individuals to enjoy the freedom of choice and right to participate in self determination of their beliefs and aspirations.

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