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Small Minded People

By Ken Poland
August 21, 2012

Yes, Mrs. Romney, I'm a small minded person. I don't have a genius level IQ. But, I'm not stupid, nor am I unaware of man's ability to cover up misdeeds. When your husband aspires to be President of the United States of America, he had best be aware that his business and personal dealings are open to public disclosure and scrutiny. Starting the game of life on third base (inherited wealth and status) doesn't give him an automatic score! And, if he plans to stay in the game, he'll have to try making it to the home plate, face the pitcher, the umpires will call the strikes, and he'll have to run the bases. Neither can he depend on his ‘designated hitter’ (vice pres.) to make all the hard plays. He might just have to prove his ability and earn the right to be on the team.

There are a lot of us 'small minded people' who think the economy is in trouble, and the tax structure, not only Federal Income Tax Brackets, but, many of the other tax structures (exemptions, deferred tax liabilities, etc.) need to be looked at. His ability to accumulate such a huge IRA account should be looked into. Deferring tax liability is like getting 15% or more on your savings. It even beats most high risk investments. That sure beats paying taxes up front! If the system allows the millionaires, or anyone else, to avoid paying taxes on accumulated wealth, legal or not, the system needs looked at. His 'off shore' bank accounts and foreign investments (whether personal or business related) certainly are of interest to the rest of us. Job creation and money available for borrowing, here in the U.S. doesn't come from foreign banks or corporations. If it does, we are subject to foreign rule!

Neither does swallowing up the small farmers, small businesses, or even the large corporations, that have succumbed to the recession, create any new jobs. Bain does not, nor does any other 'holding' company, create jobs. They create investment returns for the investors. Those investors buy a very small percentage of the product produced. The demand for the product creates jobs. Efficiency of production doesn't create jobs. Inefficiency lessons profit but it, actually demands more labor. Running a successful business is a far cry from being CEO of a nation, especially a nation with a supposedly 'democratic/republic' form of government.

On a different subject but along the same line of thinking and agenda the following caught my attention.

Ms. Barnes and Mr. Akin must think the "small minded people" are ignorant and have no concept of right and wrong. The Republican Party and people of Missouri had best be thinking about the attitude and agenda of Mr. Akin. It may be, the rest of us need to be thinking about the attitude and agenda of the 'ultra conservative' and 'religious right', when it comes to equal rights and personal freedoms of choice.

"Ms. Barnes echoed Mr. Akin’s statement that very few rapes resulted in pregnancy, adding that “at that point, if God has chosen to bless this person with a life, you don’t kill it.”
How big minded is that?

Really ? ? God chose for that female to bear a child? Is that almost like saying that God chose to exterminate the Jews? I'm a strong believer in God and his ultimate control of the Universe, but I don't think God put Hitler in power, nor do I believe God chose the rapist to impregnate any woman. God created, schedule and how is not the issue. My Bible tells me He created the structures and the mechanics of how it all works. Man is subject to all the rules of nature. Man can choose to ignore those rules and he will suffer the consequences. Man can choose to respect nature and his fellow man or he can show disrespect and destroy what God has created. That may appear to benefit '#1' in the present, but the future will take its toll.

The Bible gives us a pretty good running account of man and his dealings with nature, his fellow man and God. When man, whether he be pagan or God's Chosen, ignored the rules of nature and the welfare of his fellow man, he suffered. God's Chosen didn't live up to their side of the 'covenant' God made with them. If you believe the United States is now God's Chosen, do you really think we are living up to the covenant and standards He and His Son, Jesus, made with us? It appears to me that God's Covenant and the example Jesus gave us is very 'socialistic' in structure. We are our brothers keepers. We are to share the abundance of God's creation with our fellow man. We are to share God's blessings and not just His condemnation of man's sins.

Not one of us can claim the privilege to sit at the right hand of God, because of our 'righteousness'. Sitting at the right hand of God insinuates our authority to rule with God. But, Jesus said, "all have come short of perfection". I may think I'm a pretty good guy and I know how to interpret the 'scriptures'. But, I don't think God intended for me to dictate what the absolute meaning of all 'scripture' is, nor do I think He depends upon me to enforce all his commandments. The truth is; we, by consensus, determine the meaning of 'scripture' and the most just and compassionate laws to govern society. God's Grace acquits us of our failures, in terms of eternal punishment, but He doesn't negate the immediate earthly conflict we endure for our mistakes. I won't go into what I think qualifies us for His Grace. That gets into theology and that isn't what this essay is about.

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