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Remembering the Monkees

By Angelo Lopez
March 20, 2012

A few weeks ago I heard that Davy Jones had died and it made me sad. As a kid, I loved watching the Monkees television show and thought their music was great. In the 1970s and 1980s in the San Francisco Bay Area, channel 44 would play reruns of the old Monkees television show and I got hooked on watching the show. I thought they were the coolest group, until a distant cousin visited our home with his latest Prince cassette and thought I was uncool for liking the Monkees. I eventually grew to like Prince too, but I never stopped liking the music of the Monkees. They were just catchy songs. When I went to college, I met my friend Greg Beda, who was a big Monkees fan. He let me borrow a 4 disc Monkees compilation and I learned that they actually had a very diverse set of music.

The Monkees were formed in the mid sixties for a television show about a rock group that imitated the madcap comedy of the Beatles of A Hard Day's Night. When I was a kid, I heard that the Monkees did not play know how to play their own musical instruments and only faked playing for the show. I later found out that was only partly true. Both Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork were experienced musicians who wrote songs and knew how to play guitar before they got on the show. Mickey Dolenz knew how to play guitar, but he was assigned by the television producers to be the drummer for the group, and he had never played drums before. So during the early part of the show, he had to learn how to play drums, and he eventually became a decent drummer. A group of the top songwriters of the time, including Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Neil Diamond, Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Harry Nilsson, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil, provided them with music for their show. Eventually the Monkees asserted themselves, and they played their own instruments for their songs starting with the album Headquarters. They also began contributing songs that they wrote to their albums, with Mike Nesmith contributing the songs "You Just May Be The One", "Listen To The Band", "Nightly Daily", "Don't Call On Me", and "Mary Mary", Peter Tork contributing "For Pete's Sake" and Mickey Dolenz contributing "Randy Scouse Git".

When I found out that Davy Jones had died, I looked through youtube and found several Monkees songs there from their television show. Instead of their usual hits, I thought I'd post some of their lesser known songs that I really like.

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "Love Is Only Sleeping"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "Randy Scouse Git"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "Cuddly Toy"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "What Am I Doing Hanging Round"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "Star Collector"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "I'm Going Down"

A youtube video of the Monkees performing the song "Riu Chiu"

Comments (2)

Diane Author Profile Page:

It's a blast reading about the Monkees. I was a young mom when the Monkees were on the air. My kids were little, and we all sat around the TV set and watched the show and laughed. Who cared if it was silly and maybe not completely authentic? It was fun. The year I taught in the country school in Michigan, the Monkees came to Chicago on tour. One of my students, an eighth grade girl, got to go to the concert. She was in seventh heaven when she got back to tell us all about it.

The Monkees captured the fun, goofy side of the '60s, over too soon, I'm sad to say. Even though I never was a hippie or lived anything but a pretty traditional life, I still enjoyed that time of my life and look back on it fondly.

Angelo Lopez Author Profile Page:

Sounded like a great concert. I think you captured the Monkees spirit perfectly in your comment.

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