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Front Page » Monthly Archives » August 2011

By Dmitri Iglitzin on August 29, 2011

In a truly unprecedented attack on federal law enforcement agents at the National Labor Relations Board, California Representative Darrell Issa and his Republican allies in the House of Representatives are doing the bidding of corporate elites in an effort to suppress the collective bargaining rights of private sector workers.

In June of this year, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) commenced an enforcement action against Boeing based on a claim by IAM District 751, part of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, that Boeing broke worker protection laws when it told its unionized workers in Everett, Wash. it would transfer airplane assembly to its newly non-union facility in Charleston, South Carolina due to their past and possible future union activity.

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By Ken Poland on August 29, 2011

So it’s now highly likely that the presidential candidate of one of our two major political parties will either be a man who believes what he wants to believe, even in the teeth of scientific evidence, or a man who pretends to believe whatever he thinks the party’s base wants him to believe.

And the deepening anti-intellectualism of the political right, both within and beyond the G.O.P., extends far beyond the issue of climate change.

These paragraphs are taken from a recent Paul Krugman article. Yes, I know many readers don't like Paul and consider him as a fanatical leftist and a tool of the liberal press. I don't always agree with Paul on all of his opinions, but I do think he is systematic and consistent with solid research and analysis.

I consider myself a deeply religious man and a 'practicing' Christian. Why do I say, practicing? You've heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." However, we are all able to understand and accept the fact that none of us ever achieve perfection. Not even the most pious of our religious leaders. I could be wrong and so could you.

Let me tell you what I think.

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By Peter Herbert on August 27, 2011

I have no time for a blog, as we are busy preparing for Irene here. But I just saw the headlines and I saw that Ron Paul is speaking out against any national response to Irene. No surprise there: he’s a libertarian. Then I made the mistake of reading on, and I was floored. I have to say something! Paul said that he has special expertise on this subject because Galveston County, a frequent target of hurricanes, is inside his Texas district, AND he said “"We should be like 1900; we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960,” …back when the federal government stayed out of these things according to Paul.

EXTRAORDINARY THAT HE WOULD DARE SAY 1900! Does he not know that the Galveston hurricane of 1900 was the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, that more than 6,000 Galvestonians died in it (more than twice as many Americans as were killed on 9/11), that because of the magnitude of that disaster our national government got involved in hurricane prediction and protection, especially in the building of sea walls to protect populous, hurricane-prone places like Galveston, and that the sea wall they helped build on Galveston afterwards has prevented tragedy on a similar scale there in several big hurricanes in the twentieth century and one in the twenty-first. Does he really know anything about Galveston, which is in his district? Or is he being intentionally insensitive, in the name of his libertarian principles, about Galveston and the year 1900, because he really believes in some sort of Social Darwinist kind of libertarian natural selection?

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By Ken Poland on August 21, 2011

Go back and read, Let's Get the Credit Downgrade Story Right. Peter Herbert did a good job of presenting some interesting observations on where he thought credit should be assessed.

We have a good mix of regular writers and commentaries. Without question, most of us lean to the liberal or progressive side of politics. But, we have a few in the comment area that honestly challenge and offer constructive conservative opinions.

We had one commentary to Peter's and some of the others' comments, who thought it was absolutely the Democrats and Barack Obama that were responsible for the downgrade. The commenter sarcastically pointed out his amazement that we all could have missed what was so obvious to him.

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By Diane Wahto on August 18, 2011

I had incredible teachers. As I look at my life today, the things I value most about myself — my imagination, my love of acting, my passion for writing, my love of learning, my curiosity — all come from how I was parented and taught.

By now, anyone who pays attention to such things knows that Matt Damon, at the request of his mother, a professor and child development specialist, made a speech in favor of teachers at the Save Our Schools rally, July 31, 2011. When Damon was asked by a journalist from the libertarian Reason TV site if tenure served to thwart teachers’ motivation to do a good, job, he pointed out to her that a teacher is motivated, not by the fear of losing his or her job, but by the desire to teach.

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By Angelo Lopez on August 14, 2011

Last Wednesday, I dropped by the offices of California Representative Mike Honda to attend a gathering of political activists to ask Mike Honda and our government representatives to focus more on creating jobs. I had received an email from Move On that this was part of a nationwide grassroots effort called "Jobs Not Cuts" to try to shift the government focus from cutting vital social services and focus instead on job creation. It was a moderately attended gathering, about thirty people from different walks of life who care deeply about the issue.

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By Ken Poland on August 2, 2011

Our Congress has worked around the clock to protect the wealthy at the expense of the lowest economic sector of our nation. We ambushed Saddam Hussein on the pretext of democracy, but the truth is Iraq has oil and we want it.

The battles in the mid east are over oil and protection or destruction of one nation, Israel. The Israelies and the Arabs have been at it since early Old Testament times.

Somalia has only starving people. What is in it for us? No oil! No glory in supposedly saving God's chosen people. Why in the world should we be concerned about a few starving mistreated people who don't have the means to help themselves?

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