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United States Shown to Support Terrorism

By Randy Leer
July 30, 2011

Well, it's a headline that should be showing up in the press, for several reasons. Most recently because of a revelation that has come out of the Norway tragedy. The headline reads: "Norway gunman touted lax US gun laws." (To read the story go to this link.)

Arguably, Norway has equally as much right to go to war with the US as we did with Afghanistan. We criticized them for harboring terrorists. We are arming the terrorist that attacked Norway. As a matter of fact, that is what we used as a justification for invading Iraq.

If anyone needs another reason to believe we support terrorism, look at our work to deregulated the banks and the damage they did to the whole world, only to be bailed out by our government. It seems that the US has done equal, if not greater, harm to the world and its people as any Muslim extremists.

I'll keep this brief and leave it at that. Just wanted to give everyone something to think about over the weekend.

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Ken Poland Author Profile Page:

Randy, it isn't hard to see the U.S. as being a bullying nation. We have openly trained men from other countries in gorrila style warfare. We have physically supplied equipment and ammunitiion to support subversive activity, aimed at overthrowing governments, even some who were democratically elected.

Bullies rely upon their superior physical or mental power to dominate others. Bullies are most active in situations where their victims have no power to retaliate. What nation or government has the military might to challenge the U.S. openly?

Do we, who claim Christianity, think Jesus envisioned gorilla training and warfare as the means for us who recite the 'Great Commision' found in Mathew's gospel, to go into all nations and teach them to observe how He met everyday challenges as a human being or how he met the needs of those to whom he administered hope, physical healing, and salvation?

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