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It's Witchcraft

By Jennifer Schwaller
September 20, 2010

It's such an ancient pitch But one I wouldn't switch 'Cause there's no nicer witch than you

- Frank Sinatra

From the “I can’t make this stuff up” files comes the news that Tea Party endorsed, Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell once dabbled in witchcraft.

Why on earth would I want to know more about Afghanistan, the US economy, the Mexican drug war, and the estimated 100,000 Pakistani children who face starvation?

Tell me more about that witchcraft!

Comments (2)

Ken Poland Author Profile Page:

Yes indeed Jennifer, why should any of us want any information that gives us any relevant substance to where candidates stand on issues?

And, who of us can't remember 'dabbling' in things our parents, or even later ourselves, didn't approve of. I'm gettin kinda long in the tooth, but I vaguely remember being involved in a few things that proved I hadn't become a responsible adult, quite yet.

Negative campaigning wastes our time! Now, if there is any recent indication that Christine O'Odonnell is dabbling in witchcraft today, it might be important to know about it. But far more important is what the other candidates, and even she, is going to do with current situations in our communities and around the world. Are the candidates addressing, realistically, what they can do or what they intend to try to accomplish. Sometimes candidates make brash statements of just what they are going to do. If we know they are overstating realistic action, we need to question just where they are going with their responsibilities and influence.

Those candidates that are hoping the connection to 'witchcraft' of their opponant will evade the real issues are not apt to be responsible if given the opportunity to legislate.

James Bordonaro Author Profile Page:

I looked at the Nate Silver website today and concluded that perhaps the hoopla about Ms. O'Donnell is over done. It's seems pretty clear to that pollster that she doesn't have much of a chance to win the seat so perhaps the pundits on the left should move on to discuss closer races and expose the flaws of candidates where the extra publicity would do more good to generate web traffic and donations to Progressive candidates in tight races.

I too could care less about her "dabbling" because the main point to be made by the MSM is that she's a religious zealot who used to be into witchcraft and covens and whatnot. But, hasn't it been quite some time since it became evident that no amount of hypocrisy and past misdeeds or outright bat shit crazy or racist statements from Republicans and Tea Baggers would hold sway with the Lunatic Fringe. To me that's where Obama and the Democrats have just got to call out the remaining moderate Republicans and Independents and say, "Look, we may not have accomplished all the goals we set out in the campaign but at least we need to demonstrate that we can't as a nation reward the Republican's strategy of placating the wing nuts in their party or they will never be satisfied."

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