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Brownback's approval rating tanks (again!) in September

By Mike Nellis
October 7, 2009

Last week, SurveyUSA released the results of their monthly approval rating poll in Kansas showing a staggering six percent drop in approval for Senator Sam Brownback. Brownback, who is running for Governor of Kansas, now finds himself under the so-called "safe" 50% threshold for election.

Brownback's 48% approval is nearing his all time low achieved when he left Kansas to pursue his ambition of becoming President. Worst yet for him, he's bleeding moderates. One in ten abandoned Brownback in September. Many have said this race is already over, but this is clear evidence it is only the beginning.

Kansas Democrats have an incredible opportunity to both retain the Governor's office and provide a clear, stable alternative to Senator Brownback's brand of extremism. But we can't get our message out or build the infrastructure necessary to take on Brownback next fall without your continued support.

The Netroots have been very good to Kansas Democrats recently because you recognize the opportunity in front of us. Kansas Republicans are getting ready to nominate the most conservative slate of candidates in a generation -- we can't let them win. That's why we're extending our efforts on all major fronts, both online and offline. But we need your help to keep it going.

If you can make a donation of even $5 today, we'll put it toward building our party all across the state so we can win come November. The pundits and cynics are always going to count us out, and we're always going to prove them wrong. So can you help Kansas Democrats with a small donation today?

Below is the email we just sent to our list with the news.

Dear Supporter,

New poll numbers released last week show public support for Senator Brownback plummeted a staggering 6% in September. With a minority of Kansans approving of the job he’s doing in Washington (a mere 48%), he’s now closing in on his all-time low set in 2007 when he left the people of Kansas to pursue his Presidential ambitions in Iowa.

Now, those ambitions are driving Brownback’s pursuit of the Governor’s Mansion. We can’t let that happen – that’s why we need your continued support to build the tools we need to win.

Let’s keep this career politician from reaching the Governor's mansion by making a $100, $50, or $25 donation today!

With just 48% approval rating, Sen. Brownback is vulnerable. As more Kansans become familiar with his extreme record in the Senate, his approval rating will continue to fall lower and lower.

His abysmal record in Congress presents an incredible opportunity for Kansas Democrats to not only provide voters with a clear choice, but a chance to keep a Democrat in the Governor’s office. A contribution made today will help get our message out and build an effective infrastructure for the 2010 campaign.

With your support, we can keep Senator Brownback out of the Governor’s office.

Help us defeat Senator Brownback with a $100, $50, or $25 contribution today!

Thanks for your support,

Kenny Johnston
Executive Director -- Kansas Democratic Party

P.S. Senator Brownback has spent his entire career pursuing other offices – with your support we can make this his last pursuit. Click here to make a contribution to the KDP today!

Thanks for your support.

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