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KS Rep. Lynn Jenkins' Secret Plan to Fix Health Care?

By Mike Nellis
August 18, 2009

And she won't tell anyone? Last week, Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins was in true form, and pandering to her base.

A self proclaimed member of the "party of no", she is pledging to do all she can to defeat any Democratic proposal in the House. But when the media wanted to know her alternative plan to the health insurance crisis, things got a little weird. As I wrote last week:

Lynn Jenkins says she has the solution for our broken health insurance system. The only problem? It's a secret -- and she won't share it with us...Rep. Jenkins told her constituents she had an alternative plan but that she "hasn't been invited" to share.
In Kansas the health care crisis is real. Over 350,000 Kansans don't have coverage and that number is rising every single day while Rep. Lynn Jenkins hedges her bets on partisan politics.

That's why we've set up a hub on the website for folks to send their message directly to Lynn Jenkins because we won't let her get away this. Over a thousand messages have already been sent!

Attached below is the email we sent out earlier today from our Field Director:

Friend --

It's working!

Because of you, media outlets like the Wichita Eagle have taken note of Jenkins' do-nothing attitude on health insurance reform and have begun to question the existence of her so-called plan to fix health care. They took her to task yesterday by chastising her "hands-off approach" to leadership as a Congresswoman.

But the hard work isn't over.

Keep the momentum -- tell Jenkins to stop playings politics and share her secret plan!

This crisis continues to get worse; every day 70 more Kansans lose their health insurance. In times of crisis you can either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Let's tell Lynn Jenkins if she isn't going to lead then she needs to get out of the way. We need to flood Lynn Jenkins' office with emails this week and let her know we won't allow her to keep her plan secret.

Send your personal message to Jenkins and demand she make her plan public:

Thanks for all that you do,

Aude Negrete-Banos
Field Director -- Kansas Democratic Party

P.S. This is the time for real leaders -- send a message and hold Lynn Jenkins accountable!

Thanks for your support.

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