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Rep. Jerry Moran Tied to 'C Street Cult'

By Sarah Burris
July 26, 2009

Earlier this week we told you about the connection with Kansas Senator Sam Brownback and Rep. Todd Tiahrt to the conservative cult 'The Fellowship' (aka 'The Family') on C Street. And Colin has a great piece today about the article in the KC Star where Tiahrt tried to retreat from his relationship with C Street.

Well... now McClatchy has another key bit of information to add to that list. It turns out that Rep. Jerry Moran from the Kansas First District and candidate for US Senate is an insider. He's actually a resident of C Street. Moran actually lives there!

I once thought of Moran as the lesser of the two evils in the Kansas Senate Race, but not now. It is very unsettling to discover that Moran is so closely aligned with this group. Reports and facts are compellingly convincing that C Street is a politicized 'church' and behaves similarly to a secret cult-like society.

Three prominent Republicans associated with the house are embroiled in headline-grabbing scandals involving extramarital affairs...

"It is a reminder to all of us that we ought to be a lot less judgmental," said Kansas Republican Rep. Jerry Moran, who lives at the C Street house.

"We ought to avoid, as best we can, being hypocrites. All of us have failings in life, and part of what a Christian believes is the ability to overcome those difficulties and to find forgiveness," Moran added...

Newspaper accounts and political blogs have described the house as a "secret religious enclave" and a Christian "cell" whose members follow a "code of silence."

True or not, the house has become politically radioactive for those who have any associations with it.

Is Rep. Moran correct that the politicians involved do not deserve judgment? Should we not ever judge those who so eagerly funnel money through a church for politicians? Should we never judge elected leaders who pursue extra-marital affairs while hypocritically advocating for so called "family values" for the rest of us?

As an aside, the article interestingly cites two local Democrats who have attended prayer circles at the C Street house - former Rep. Jim Slattery and current Rep. Emanuel Clever, an ordained Methodist minister. Both of these say that C street should not be criticized so hard because it's a place for faithful members to go for a moment of prayer in solidarity with other elected officials. For the ones that don't live there, or for the ones that don't seek policy guidance there, this may be true.

I've no doubt that the downstairs portion of C Street is used as a meeting house for an elected official's church, and I have no doubt many people have come through its doors for a moment of silent conversation to the Lord, and as a faithful person I celebrate those moments particularly for those who celebrate the kind of social justice that Jesus would have advocated. It's possible that those who just drop by the C Street compound for prayer are wholly unaware of what goes on there during the "non prayer" times.

Many have written that behind the closed doors of C Street, up the stairs, and between the books, a questionable politically-driven conservative cult of right wingers works diligently to push legislation on behalf of the far right wing fringe - policies that are, by definition, contrary to the values of most Americans.

The article alludes to connections to Hillary Clinton through Fellowship leader Douglas Coe. One of the interesting things you see on the extensive article via wikipedia is not merely a denial of connectivity to The Fellowship but also a denial of funding to The Fellowship.

This is but one more indication to me that C Street isn't just about prayer, but is connected to something that both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton find questionable.

"It has sex and political hypocrisy, and even claims of political payoff. Ensign's wealthy parents gave nearly $100,000 to the family of the senator's mistress, who'd been one of his top campaign aides. Her husband had been on his Senate staff."

I'm not surprised Fellowship Friendlies are trying to make an argument that C Street is simply about prayer. Yes, prayer does actually happen at C Street, no, I find no fault with prayer.

Evidently, much much more occurs at C Street. We'll stay with this story and get to the bottom of it for you.

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