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The Directory of Healthcare Recruiters

By Lola Wheeler
January 1, 2009

In this job market, job seekers need good resources to reach the right employers and hiring agents. Here's a respected resource for those looking for employment in the healthcare, medical, biotech, managed care or hospital fields.

I personally know the author and can completely and confidently vouch for the professionalism and dependability of this publication and the firm that produces it.

This book provides you with over 1,000 key contact names and all contact information. Networking is especially important in today's competitive market for healthcare jobs.

This is true for all health professionals, including doctors, administrators, executives, therapists, nurses, sales reps, financial managers and allied professionals. Networking is especially important for managers, employers, job hunters, outplacement counselors and human resource directors. Networking is the primary career tool for all executives conducting job searches and employers seeking job candidates.

Updated annually since 1994, this well-researched and up-to-date directory puts your networking into high gear. This Directory of Healthcare Recruiters has been widely relied upon by leaders in health care for over 12 years, thought of as the most complete guide available.

By giving you the names of individuals, telephone, and fax numbers, company descriptions, e-mail, web, and postal addresses, you will be armed with the right contacts and all necessary information to build or maintain your network as you go through your career.

The authors have been familiar with the health care recruitment industry for over 30 years and utilize their comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare field when they hand-pick the search firms for listing in this directory. No matter where you live or what specific subset of healthcare you work in, this Directory will provide you the employment and recruitment contacts you need.

All 1,000 contacts are cross-referenced by name of firm, name of contact person and by state. The majority of the listed healthcare search firms are national recruiters who work with healthcare employers in all states. Boutique and regional medical firms are also listed. These indexes are very helpful. Each listing includes the recruiter's name, brief information regarding area of expertise and whether the firm is paid fees by the employers on contingency or retainer basis. Remember, a recruiter's fees are always paid by the employer and never paid by the employee or job candidate.

Most of the listings even include toll-free telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web site addresses. The directory contains about 1,000 individual names, 1,000 postal addresses, 1,000 telephone numbers, 875 email addresses, over 1,000 fax numbers, and over 1,000 web page addresses! Each listing includes the recruiter's name, brief information regarding area of expertise and whether the firm is paid fees by the employers on contingency or retainer basis. Each recruiter listing includes the most current phone, fax and mailing addresses available.

All new and thoroughly updated. This book provides you with over 1,000 contact names at the top health care executive search firms in the United States. With this resource, you will easily identify your contacts by firm type, location or specialty. This book arms you with everything you need, including full postal, web and e-mail addresses, telephone, fax and toll-free numbers.

Updated every year! Annually edited and published continuously since 1994, these comprehensive books provide you with current and time-saving information.

This is the same publication that you may have read about in Hospitals & Health Networks and Modern Healthcare.

To order the Directory of Healthcare Recruiters, please use the Order Form. If you still want more information about the Directory, please go to the Question and Answer Page. If you are a job hunter and wish to learn more about recruiters, please refer also to these pages: What You Should Know About Recruiters and How To Work With Search Firms. To receive your own copy of the directory, please go to that Order Form.

Whether you are marketing yourself, your organization, a job opening, or your services - you need to reach the right people. As an employer, you will undoubtedly need the services of executive search firms to expedite your recruitment processes. As a job-seeker, recruitment firms can uncover the most coveted jobs for you, placing your head above the crowd. While our economy has brought our industry into an "employer's market", the tasks for both job candidates and hiring managers can be overwhelming. A network of recruiters bridge that gap successfully for everyone. These tools are designed to assist you, the healthcare professional, in your network building efforts.

No executive, professional or physician in the healthcare industry should be without this very comprehensive directory. Many job seekers, personnel managers, employers and healthcare professionals have successfully relied on these directories for networking, building their staffs and taking control of their careers and futures.

The book is a very professionally prepared bound directory which is unlike anything you can find anywhere else. We know first-hand the tremendous time and effort this Directory will save you because we know the effort that has put into assembling and continuously updating that database.

They also have mailing labels available. The Mailing Label Companion Packages are especially helpful to vendors, job seekers, marketing managers, or anyone planning a mail-out project. Labels are handy timesavers for career-minded professionals and busy employers.

If you are looking for a resource like this one, I strongly recommend it. Whether you are a job seeker, a professional or an employer, this resource will help you navigate through the employment and hiring waters ahead.

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