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Breaking News: Palin Returns from Overseas Trip in Time for Debate

By Cornelio Nouel
October 1, 2008

Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin returned last night from a visit to Eastern Europe designed to enhance her foreign policy credentials. Ms. Palin met last Monday with Premier Igor Rubberducky of the Republic of Dumbshitiskan. On the one day visit to the capital city of Garbitch,the American VP wannabe was able to observe the Dumbshitiskanian house of delegates vote on the crucial issue of cow manure disposal, a very controversial issue in the former Soviet Republic, as farmers have demanded that cow manure be dropped in front of the Premier's home. Ms. Palin, flashing her now famous smile, said that she felt right at home, "I just love all this bullshit, don't ya?"

After the meeting in the city of Garbitch, Ms Palin took a mule ride over the rugged mountains of Eastern Dumbshitiskan, into Poland, and visited the Village of Krakked, where she received a warm and cordial welcome from the Mayor, Ignatz Kornflakesky.

Mr. Kornflakesky, an ardent Palin admirer, even provided her with an opportunity to enhance her debating skills by having the village idiot debate her on the world wide consequences of moose hunting and Igloo building. Word has it that Las Vegas odds makers actually gave 2 to 1 odds that Palin would win. The jury is still out who really won but the village idiot has had two marriage proposals and was given a free subscription to the local newspaper "The Zoink."

Shortly after her return to the US, Ms. Palin was spirited away by a harried looking John McCain to an undisclosed location where she will remain, rumor has it, with her mouth taped shut, until her debate with Senator Biden Thursday night.

Contributing to this report are C.C. Nouel in Blabb Texas, Waldo Nutt in Washington DC, and Bernice Garbanzo-Bean in Cognito, North Dakota.

Comments (2)

Greg Petersen Author Profile Page:

All I have to say is, [bleep]
Not Sarah Palin, but YOU sir for posting this pathetic article with the demeaning pictures.

[Editor's Note: Portions of this comment has been deleted due to this commenters derogatory statements about other authors or commenters. I wish to remind this commenter that at this site commenters are free to make comments about public policies and public personalities, such as elected officials, or about any of the ideas expressed in any blogs. However, commenters at this site are not free to express derogatory statements about other bloggers or other commenters. You are free to criticize ideas mentioned in the blogs or public figures, but you are not free to speak about the personal life or personal character of other writers at this site or call them by unnecessary names. If this does not cease, this commenters privileges will be revoked.]

Greg Petersen Author Profile Page:

Ok Mr. (or Ms.) Editor, I get it! You just want me to shut up. You took out the words "absolutely despicable" and put in [bleep]. How in your right mind can you allow the above "sickening" cartoon to be posted yet you find it necessary to make me look like I'm out of control. Unbelievable! If you guys want a blog site where everybody just high-5s and pats each other on the back everyday, then you need to put a warning on your front page - No conservatives allowed! (By the way, Mr. or Ms. Editor, is that you P.J.?)

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