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Palin Plays Fast and Loose: Painfully Pathetic Lies Pile Up

By Simone Davis
September 1, 2008

Maybe in Alaska, Republicans are used to having a Republican governor that repeats bold lies. The rest of us do not welcome lies and untruths. Sarah Palin, McCain's pick for VP, is playing fast and loose if she thinks we will whitewash her cover-ups.

Her most repeated lie in the last few days is about the "bridge to nowhere" that Congress has planned to fund in Alaska. Palin has said (over and over again) that she had told Congress "'thanks but no thanks' on that bridge to nowhere." The truth is that Palin had fought for that very same $223 million earmark for the bridge in 2005, when Congress was controlled by the Republican majority. Then, in 2006, Palin, the Alaska governor, campaigned on a build-the-bridge platform. In fact, the Palin administration has (to date) spent tens of millions of dollars in federal funds to start building a road on Gravina Island that is supposed to link up to the yet-to-be-built bridge. She has never given the money back to Congress. Never.

Now, we learn that she has lied about a member of her family. She's not claiming that she adopted her teenage daughter's baby. No, what she is asserting is that she actually gave birth to her daughter's baby. If it turns out to be true, this is a nightmarish story...

Tearing apart a mother from her child in the public's eye for political points is the lowest of the low. Bristol Palin [Sarah Palin's teenage daughter and birth mother of Sarah Palin's "baby"] deserves the truth from Sarah, delivered to the public, immediately. This charade on the national stage is pathetic, and needs to end promptly. (BabyGate: Explosive New Details, DailyKos)

Now, Palin's single teenage daughter seems to be pregnant again. So soon after the other baby was born. But, this time - will Palin's daughter once again allow her mother to be called "Mom" by her own baby, or, will the two babies, born so close together, both be raised by the daughter? Will the real mother and the real grandmother of these two babies please stand up? If Sarah Palin cannot lead her own home with truth and integrity - how can we allow her to become second-in-line to lead our entire nation?

Apparently Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" never showed. Even the reporters that cover the Alaska capital beat found it odd that she never looked pregnant. Evidently she announced her pregnancy to shocked reporters while she was supposed to be over seven months along. Then, just a couple of weeks later, she supposedly gave birth to "her" baby prematurely, without ever having a protruding belly at any time.

SEVEN MONTHS ALONG: Even her staff was unaware that the first family was expecting a fifth child.

Secret's out: Palin pregnant
Anchorage Daily News
March 6th, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin shocked and awed just about everybody around the Capitol on Wednesday when she announced she's expecting her fifth child.

"I thought it was becoming obvious," Gov. Sarah Palin said. "You know, clothes getting snugger and snugger."

The governor, who recently turned 44, told a handful of reporters as she was leaving work to expect a new member of the first family, then headed to a reception at the Baranof Hotel to feast on king crab.

Palin said she's already about seven months along, with the baby due to arrive in mid-May.

That the pregnancy is so advanced astonished all who heard the news. The governor, a runner who's always been trim, simply doesn't look pregnant.

I'm very concerned about inconsistencies and weird explanations of how a non-pregnant woman suddenly appears with a baby. Especially during the exact same period that her then 16-year-old daughter was mysteriously kept out of school and sequestered in the family home for many months. The excuse given for keeping the daughter in the home during this pregnancy period was that the daughter was supposed to have a case of infectious mononucleosis. Then, voila!

The apparently non-pregnant Sarah Palin suddenly gave birth to a baby and the sequestered teenage daughter suddenly was allowed out of the house. That same daughter, now 17 years old, is said to be pregnant (again).

Sarah Palin was Interviewed after a hike last year. The reporters noticed no bulging belly. Here's what Sarah said that day:

"I like running the hills, it kills me. That's why I like it; I mean, it thrashes your guts and your lungs and your thighs..." (Sarah Palin, in her supposed 6th month of pregnancy earlier this year)
The time frame for this, if her youngest child were born to her and not her teenage daughter, would put Sarah Palin in her 6th month of pregnancy, even though the reporters interviewing her saw no sign of a bulging belly after Sarah finished her thrashing "her guts" in the hills that day. Here's what the reporter who conducted the interview said recently,
"I don't recall her being pregnant at all, she may have been wearing a coat. No one else at the scene of the accident mentioned the word pregnant so I would say that either no one noticed or she wasn't pregnant. I do find it odd."
If the adorable baby (seen below in the teenage daughter's arms) is really Palin's daughter's baby (as all current facts point to), Palin's treatment of her daughter and her apparent lies about her granddaughter will set a tone in Washington that threatens women's rights and pushes morality to a new low.

Sarah Palin's daughter and grandbaby both deserve more respect from her John McCain's running mate - and certainly, so do the American citizens. At this point, it seems apparent that this pile of cover-ups is just the tip of the Sarah Palin iceberg.

It may turn out that Sarah Palin is the very embodiment of corruption. Who knows. We only just met Sarah Palin three days ago.

But I do know this much - I don't like that we getting this much smoke and mirror so soon after being introduced to her.

And the mega-dollars that Sarah Pallin says she didn't want from Congress? All that money that she claims that she said refused from Congress by saying, "Thanks but no thanks." Where is it? What happened to that money? Did Congress not send it to Alaska? Of course they did and Sarah Pallin accepted it. She has spent much of it. She is currently spending the rest of it. And, worse, she hasn't given a penny back to Congress.

Women are discerning voters. We don't want a dishonest, unethical or woman-hating female vice president. We know that the first female vice president or first female president will have to come from the Democratic party - not from Alaska's repressive Republican igloo.

We will not throw our ethics and self-respect under the bus. This woman sure lacks the gravitas, world experience, policy acumen and integrity that Hillary Clinton possessed.

Sarah Palin doesn't even come close to Hillary Clinton, the late Barbara Jordan, Nancy Pelosi, or even the late and great Ann Richards, the unforgettable former governor of Texas (a state of many millions of residents versus Alaska which has only about 700 thousand residents).

No. Sarah Palin is no Ann Richards.

Sarah Palin is insignificant and forgettable - and likely forevermore morally compromised.

Comments (3)

Sarah Burris Author Profile Page:

glad you picked this up. There are two things going on here

1. Her judgment to get on a plane and fly across the country while in labor is not the same judgment I want in ANY leader

2. If it isn't her baby, I think this is a clear indictment of abstinence only programs of which Palin is a proponent but can't even make them work within her own family, much less in the whole country.

Blue Cat Author Profile Page:

I wonder HOW Palin flew when she was SO pregos?

Or for that matter IN LABOR as he claims she was. Who could fly all the way back to a little town in Alaska AFTER their water broke as she claims she did? She seems to be lying in every breath.

FAA Airline regulations state :

Obstetrical patients are free to fly, but pose a significant risk in later stages of precipitating delivery during flight. Pregnancy past 32 weeks should be carefully considered for restriction from flight and must be accompanied with an authorization note from a doctor. Those past 36 weeks should be prohibited from flying unless personally accompanied by their doctor. (Taken from flight security and survival manual & FAA site

Blue Cat Author Profile Page:

Sorry for the double post it told me it didn't go through. :(

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