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Honoring Jana's Memory

By Sarah Burris
September 19, 2008

For the last three months family and friends of KU Law Student Jana Mackey who was killed during the Independence Day holiday by her former boyfriend, have been working toward the perfect way to honor her memory.

1100 Torches was launched this week calling on the 1100 people in attendance at Jana's funeral to find ways to serve in her memory and bring more to service.

“Jana had done her part,” Christie Brungardt said at a recent Take Back the Night rally for domestic violence. “What are we going to do?”

The 1100 Torches site reads

"The celebration of her life affected us just as she did, with a sense of energy and hope, and we were presented with an unparalleled opportunity to multiply Jana's life in her memory. Our call to action is not just out of obligation, or charity, or patriotism, but out of a faithful dedication to her memory and the memory of others like her whose voices were silenced all too soon but can continue to speak.

We must be their voices that demand action, we must be their hands that work for change, and we must be their light that saves many from their seemingly inescapable darkness."

It quotes Jana's step-father Curt when he spoke July 9th

" Let me ask you this question – are you doing all you can do to serve others? In memory of Jana, ask yourself – what can I do to make a difference? I now hand her torch to you. Take your sadness and your anger and turn these emotions into positive energy for social change. I ask you to make Jana proud, AND GO DO GREAT THINGS!”

As the site is developed, the hope is to develop a commitment from 1100 people, much like the Clinton Global Initiative, to serve and encourage others to service. Whether its civic, political, or around an issue, the hope is to increase participation in impacting the world. It was what she did, and what she would have wanted.

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