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Front Page » Monthly Archives » September 2008

By Janet Morrison on September 30, 2008

We're busy scrambling to bail out people who have tragically failed our system. What about bailing out the people who haven't even had the chance or opportunity to make a bad decision yet? Listen to Karim's take on it...

By Pamela Jean on September 30, 2008

There was a time in our nation's history when many barriers limited citizen access to the voting booth. Today, after the hard work and sacrifice of so many Americans, all citizens are guaranteed the right to have their voices heard at the polls.

"Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country." - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
No right is more precious than our constitutional right to select the people we want to represent us in our city, county, state and national governments! Even so, millions of eligible citizens in the United States are not even registered to vote, yet. Some have never registered. Some registered a long time ago and never voted. Some citizens who think they are registered, may not actually still be registered - especially if they have changed their addresses or last names since the last time they voted.

You can help reinstate their rights and re-engage them in our democracy. Citizen action (not Wall Street) is the lifeblood of democracy! It's easier than you may think. You can run a voter registration drive! Don't let anybody tell you that you can't. You can. Here's how...

Read more from this post here ...

By Gerald Britt on September 30, 2008

It's something I've seen time after time: national disaster strikes, poor people are threatened or suffer - think Katrina, think the public education crisis, think this current economic crisis.

The crisis is going to cost money. Lots of it. It doesn't take long before someone figures out that public policy aimed at helping low income families and the poor is to blame. Or we should blame the poor people themselves!

Is this economic collapse the fault of people making $25,000-$30,000 trying to get $500,000-$800,000 homes? Is that the reason we're where we are? Is it really because there was legislation that forced banks to stop 'redlining' poor neighborhoods so that businesses could get loans, car loans could be more accessible?

Read more from this post here ...

By Angelo Lopez on September 30, 2008

The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have always been the most entertaining part of the election season for me. From the past debates that I’m seen, they’ve usually been less about the issues and more about creating an impression to the American people about the personality and character of the particular candidates. My first Presidential debate that I remember is the Reagan/Carter debate in 1980, and I just remember Reagan saying “there you go again” whenever Carter criticized Reagan. Though a lot of the debates seem canned, they do offer a chance to see the candidates perform alone without the handlers and p.r. people, and it gives us a chance to see how the candidates think on their feet. I found on the internet a site that Jim Lehrer hosted for PBS called Debating Our Destiny that looked back on the televised Presidential and Vice debates and interviewed the candidates to see their thoughts on the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. As we listen to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates in these next few weeks, I’ve found this site to be illuminating and it gives me some perspective on the goals and approaches that John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and Joe Biden may take.

Read more from this post here ...

By Nora Thomason on September 30, 2008

Has John McCain lied again? John McCain is trying to sell himself to us as a "maverick" and a "straight talker" who will "tell the truth" no matter the consequences. I'm starting to see through it. Lucy wrote a blog last week about how McCain lied to unemployed workers about only "buying American." She showed us that the "straight talker" can't get his stories straight. I agree with Lucy that lying to unemployed workers is irksome and insulting.

But, now, in my opinion, he's upping his game. In so many ways, I'm finding that he twists and obfuscates the truth. I've discovered that John McCain is also lying about money - our money - our hard earned taxpayer money. It scares me during these unpredictable economic times that John McCain - or any elected official, for that matter - would lie to us about our money.

Read more from this post here ...

By John Atlas on September 30, 2008

Peter Dreier’s most recent Rooflines post cited a story titled “Community Organizing Changed Fishery,” in which John Corrigan, the fishing writer for the Concord (N.H.) Monitor, explained that “anybody who has caught a fish at Sewalls Falls over the last two decades has witnessed the value of community organizing.” Among other things to promote fishing and clean water, the organizers helped remove a major obstacle to the restoration of sea-run Atlantic salmon in the watershed.

Which of course reminded me of the old saying: ‘’If you give a hungry person a fish, he will eat that night, but if you teach him how to fish, he eats every night.’’

To that I will add a community-organizing element: What if the water where you fish is polluted? Then what?

Read more from this post here ...

By Larry James on September 30, 2008

According to the 2006 census, there are almost 400,000 individuals living below the federal poverty line in Dallas County!

Of these, over 160,000 are children. Further, Texas is "Number 1" in the nation for the percentage of families who deal with hunger or "food insecurity" over the course of a year. In response to the reality that surrounds us every day, Central Dallas Ministries will host and promote Community Hunger Day on Monday, October 27.

Read more from this post here ...

By John T. Bird on September 29, 2008

If we had any real Democratic leaders in Congress we would put together our “real” economic recovery package, which would include all the things we have claimed to be for over the past 20 years, such as universal health insurance, sensible tax rates for the hyper-wealthy, bankruptcy reform, withdrawal of support of our foreign co-conspirators, return of the troops from Iraq, nationalization of energy, mandated production of energy efficient vehicles, regularization of immigration laws with worker visas, and we would march to the White House with the legislation signed by enough Democrats in both houses to pass it, tell Bush to sign it or be impeached, along with his V.P., in which case we will then let President Pelosi sign it.

Read more from this post here ...

By Melissa Tuckey on September 29, 2008

Recently, while preparing for an interview with the American poet Naomi Shihab Nye, I had the good fortune to come across her father’s memoir Does the Land Remember me? published in 2006, just before his death. Naomi Shihab Nye was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to a Palestinian father and an American mother. During her high school years, she lived in Ramallah, in Jordan, the Old City in Jerusalem, and San Antonio, Texas. She recently lost her father, who was a huge influence on her life and her writing. Her two beautiful poems about her father led me to her father’s memoir.

Read more from this post here ...

By John T. Bird on September 29, 2008

What follows is an excerpt from the weekly newsletter from Jerry Moran (R), First District Congressman from Kansas. He is a "very nice" person. He ran against and defeated Joe Norvell and has steadily advanced up the political ladder, now aiming for the U.S. Senate seat which will be open here in 2010, if Sen. Sam Brownback does as expected, and runs for Governor in Kansas.

Notice that Jerry voted against the bailout.

I know that the vote against the bailout is not really a vote against reckless government spending, but it seems like even the most intelligent and reasonable people we send to Washington don’t get it. At the very least, it seems like there should be a better effort to explain to the great unwashed that the rule of holes doesn’t mean what it says, or does not apply here.

Read more from this post here ...

By Larry James on September 29, 2008

Random thoughts on an afternoon that could become "historic" in a very bad way. . .

What does it mean to be in "leadership" in our media driven, poll-sensitive, "ear-to-the-ground" political version of democracy? Constituency concerns and opinions should always be received, acknowledged and followed whenever the elected leader feels that such advice is sound in view of the nation's overall well-being and health.

Read more from this post here ...

By Gerald Britt on September 29, 2008

Let me begin with this disclaimer: I love the church. By that I mean, not just the African-American church, but the church at large. I believe across the broad spectrum of faith and religious tradition, there is so much to learn from one another, and too often we allow our petty dogmas to get in the way.

That being said, I can't agree with every position of every church. I just believe we can have profound disagreements, regarding the interpretation of scripture, tradition and how we are to fulfill our mandate and still be brothers and sisters.

There are churches that are pushing this to the edge, however. They are churches that are deciding to take on the IRS on the issue of candidate endorsements.

Read more from this post here ...

By Larry James on September 29, 2008

Word has it that Alan Fishman, the Washington Mutual CEO who took the top job 18 days ago before presiding over the largest bank failure in the nation's history, will walk away from his job with $13.65 million. Not bad for less than three weeks on the job, wouldn't you say?

Let's see, that's $758,333.33 a day.

Read more from this post here ...

By Angelo Lopez on September 29, 2008

This year has been one most interesting election years in my years of voting. The primaries with divervse views represented by Dennis Kucinich, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. The contest for the nomination between Hillary and Obama. The resurrection of McCain in the Republican race. The emergence of Sarah Palin. This election season has gone through so many twists and turns. I’m excited by these elections because the Obama, Clinton, and even Palin candidacies are breaking down barriers of racism and sexism. These candidates have faced their share of racism and sexism to break down these barriers and these reactions show how far America has to go to be rid of these vices.

Read more from this post here ...

By Janet Morrison on September 28, 2008

What happens the third weekend in the small rural town of Gainesville, Missouri (population 595) every year? Hootin' and Hollarin'!

What, you may ask, is Hootin' and Hollarin'?

Read more from this post here ...

By Simone Davis on September 28, 2008

This week, we've watched, helplessly, as our elected representatives decided among themselves to take 700 billion of our hard-earned dollars to bail Wall Street out of its gambling debts. Watching this mismanagement is no less of a helpless feeling than the one so many of us felt as we watched the planes dive into the World Trade Towers in 2001.

If we could just stop them! Stop! We know what they are doing is wrong! If we could have kept those jets from ever touching the towers, we would have.

If we could reach out and grab our elected representatives by the scruff of their necks, shake them by the shoulders and tell them to stop giving money to the rich, we would. We definitely would. Helpless to keep our lawmakers, both Democratic and Republican, from ruining our futures; we don't have the pause button we should have. Where is our Franklin Roosevelt?

“This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today...

“In such a spirit on my part and on yours we face our common difficulties. They concern, thank God, only material things. Values have shrunk to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by serious curtailment of income....

"More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence and an equally great number toil with little return. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment."

- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 1933, at his inauguration

Read more from this post here ...

By Gerald Britt on September 28, 2008

Lauded as one of the greatest politicians of our time, lamented because of the unfulfilled potential of his presidency and lambasted because of his personal weaknesses and failures, Bill Clinton's post presidential years may be recorded as the most significant on record.

The recently concluded Clinton Global Initiative has an impressive record of bringing together corporations, philanthropic institutions, individuals and governments to address the issues that threaten quality of life worldwide.

Read more from this post here ...

By Gerald Britt on September 28, 2008

"Cool Hand Luke", "The Sting", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Hustler", "The Color of Money", "The Verdict" - do I need to go on? Paul Newman was one of our country's greatest actors. He exhibited a style and a grace that was always pleasing to watch, even in his later years - I even liked him in "The Road to Perdition".

But Newman wasn't just a great actor.

Read more from this post here ...

By Larry James on September 28, 2008

My daughter, Jennifer, and my son-in-law, Brandon, were discussing the current race for President as they watched the evening news one night this past week. As they talked, Wyatt, their four-year-old, interrupted with a question.

Read more from this post here ...

By Janet Morrison on September 27, 2008

I just heard about this CD and had to buy it:

I can't quite describe the feeling I have as I listen to it. It takes me back to Denver. I had planned to look up each of the songs we heard at Invesco and purchase them. This makes it so much easier... and provides a more extensive selection.

What other campaign have you ever known of that has this much unsolicited participation? This campaign and what they have inspired in such a variety of races, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and geographic areas helps me remember that the United States of America belongs to ALL of us.

Read more from this post here ...

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