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Obama's Young Evangelical Outreach

By Sarah Burris
August 11, 2008

We all know that Obama's campaign is reaching out to young people, but specifically his campaign is reaching out to young evangelicals who we've seen trend more progressively in the past few years.

Michael reported last Friday about the final Iowa numbers from CIRCLE which included some interesting info about young evangelicals:

"65% of [Republican] caucus-goers under 25 described themselves as "born again" or "evangelical."

But it seems Obama might be winning more of the Young Evangelical Vote in crucial battleground states. Bloomberg reports on Liberty University's Obama for America chapter.

"[Michelle] Miller, 23, calls recruiting political converts there "an uphill battle.'' Still, the group's existence signals an opening for Barack Obama among conservative evangelicals -- especially younger ones -- that may help sway the outcome of the presidential vote in states like Virginia and Florida."

"Surveys show evangelicals are increasingly concerned about such issues as the economy, global warming and the Iraq War. While Obama has little chance of carrying this group, if he persuades 10 percent of those who typically vote Republican that he reflects their values better than McCain, that may make a difference in some battleground states. "

This might be because the Obama campaign is leaving no vote uncontested. Much like the campaigns outreach to young voters, connecting with evangelical voters is a step toward growth. The beginning of August marks the opening of Obama's Evangelical Outreach Campaign according to the Christian Broadcast Network.

"There's no doubt Obama has engaged an eager and energetic younger crowd during this presidential campaign. These twenty somethings wants to discuss issues beyond abortion and marriage. Obama is tapping into that. Will the McCain campaign combat this effort and highlight the fact that younger Evangelicals care deeply about abortion and marriage as well? My sense is the heavy lifting on this will have to come from conservative pro-family organizations. At this point the Obama campaign is winning the narrative on the younger Evangelical front. Not a surprise from an religious outreach team that has been on its "A" game ever since Obama announced his intentions to run for President."

I've said it before, I'll say it again... if you build it, they will come. How we got to a place in the Democratic Party where we ONLY went after our base of support instead of working indy's and persuadable is beyond me. Whoever had the idea - I hope they're working for the GOP now. Actually, it seems they might be given the GOP outreach....

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