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John McCain Discovers the Internets

By Ally Klimkoski
March 30, 2008

In the past much fun has been made of John McCain's age because, lets face it ... he's old. Parallel to that is making fun of an aging campaign that does little to no outreach to young people and is surpassed considerably by democratic candidates on both MySpace and Facebook in terms of social networking excitment.

It seems however that John McCain has not only discovered technology, but he's going after votes in the Democrats' own camp...

See picture below (click here to make bigger or if graphic below doesn't appear)...

This is a screen cap from Nancy Boyda's MySpace page.

Typically, MySpace places an ad bar at the top of the page. Clearly, Nancy's internet staff has learned how to put a mast above the ad bar - leaving it right square in the middle - ideally to be ignored by anyone that visits the site as they simply continue to scroll down. On this occasion, however, a nice big John McCain ad appeared. Nice and colorful, it flashed a message to me about whether or not I was tired of pork. And asks me to sign their petition which is just a ploy for the campaign to get your information here.

Ironically, Boyda has been getting hit by conservatives who don't believe the federal government should be spending any money at all. Which makes this even weirder.

I'm sure this is a giant coincidence. McCain's people did an ad placement for people on MySpace, maybe even targeting specific states like us here in Kansas - who knows. But the weirdness of the fact that this message is being given in the middle of a Democrat's own MySpace page was odd to me. Particularly given McCain's track record of being technologically inept and social network stupid.

Democrats might take note that the GOP is playing on their field.

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Comments (6)

Ally Klimkoski Author Profile Page:

I fixed it .. it was taking forever for the hosting service to upload

Ally Klimkoski Author Profile Page:

kew - thanks... I had to talk about this but I'm going to blog about this too have you read this article?? its wacked up

Ally Klimkoski Author Profile Page:

lol - awesome! and now ... I have 6 comments on the blog! ;)

Nora Thomason Author Profile Page:

You always bring up such interesting stuff!!!!

Nora Thomason Author Profile Page:

I wonder who's managing Boyda's Internet presence and if they can do anything about that McCain ad... they ought to be able to keep McCain's hands off her page! Bizarre.

Alicescheshirecat Author Profile Page:

maybe McCain voters will think she's aligned with him

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