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The Uses of Haiti, by Paul Farmer

By an everyday book reader
May 1, 2007

"The Uses of Haiti tells the truth about uncomfortable matters - uncomfortable, that is, for the structures of power and the doctrinal framework that protects them from critical scrutiny. It tells the truth about what has been happening in Haiti, and the U.S. role in its bitter fate." - Noam Chomsky, from the introduction

The Uses of Haiti, 3rd Edition
by Paul Farmer (Author), Jonathan Kozol (Foreword), Noam Chomsky (Introduction)Book Picture

Softcover: 479 pages
ISBN: 9781567513448, 1567513441
Common Courage Press
December 2005

"He traces Haiti's long standing injustice from the sufferings of the 18th century slave economy, and the post-revolution establishment of a still-persistent feudal economy to the U.S. Marine invasion in 1915 and our subsequent support, based on business interests and anticommunism, for tyrants like Papa Doc Duvalier. The democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed in a 1991 coup shortly after he began to redress Haiti's ugly inequalities; Farmer (AIDS and Accusation) notes how media reports meshed with the Bush administration's line, and criticizes the Clinton administration's inaction. Departing from his historical narrative, Farmer also decries harassing U.S. policy toward Haitian refugees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; describes the torture death of a peasant as an outgrowth of U.S. military training; and suggests that AIDS in Haiti should not be blamed on images of squalor, but more on 'an established political and economic crisis.' American remorse, he suggests, would be the first step toward a new commitment to justice." - Publishers Weekly

In this third edition of the classic The Uses of Haiti, Paul Farmer looks at what has happened to the health of the poor in Haiti since the coup.

Winner of a McArthur Genius Award, Paul Farmer is a physician and anthropologist who has worked for 25 years in Haiti, where he serves as medical director of a hospital serving the rural poor. He is the subject of the Tracy Kidder biography, Mountains Beyond Mountains. Paul Farmer is Professor of Medical Anthropology at Harvard medical School and Founding Director of Partners in Health. Farmer is the author of The Uses of Haiti, Infections and Inequalities, and AIDS and Accusation.

"Excellent ...Farmer's passion challenges his fellow Americans, and America's friends, not to remain indifferent to Haiti's agony." - The Times Literary Supplement (London)

"Cuts to the chase ...Farmer is at his best documenting the U.S. foreign policy establishment's sad attempts at balance and objectivity: treating Aristide and the murderous drug-running military as equal parties and insisting that Aristide 'compromise'." - The Village Voice

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