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One Nation, Underprivileged, by Mark Rank

By an everyday book reader
May 1, 2007

Despite its enormous wealth, the U.S. leads the industrialized world in poverty. One Nation, Underprivileged unravels this disturbing paradox by offering a unique and radically different understanding of American poverty.

It debunks many of our most common myths about the poor, while at the same time provides a powerful new framework for addressing this enormous social and economic problem.

This book vividly shows that the fundamental causes of poverty are to be found in our economic structure and political policy failures, rather than individual shortcomings or attitudes. It establishes for the first time that a significant percentage of Americans will experience poverty during their adult lifetimes, and firmly demonstrates that poverty is an issue of vital national concern. Ultimately, this book provides us with a new paradigm for understanding poverty, and outlines an innovative set of strategies that will reduce American poverty.

One Nation, Underprivileged: Why American Poverty Affects Us All
by Mark Robert RankBook Picture

Softcover: 368 pages
Oxford University Press, USA
July 2005
ISBN: 9780195189728, 0195189728

One Nation, Underprivileged represents a profound starting point for rekindling a national focus upon America's most vexing social and economic problem.

In this book an amazing statistic is brought out for the first time: nearly one-half of all people in America spend at least one year of their lives in poverty.

Rank argues for a recapturing of our Judeo-Christian ethic and that individuals must pay more than lip service to the principles of liberty, justice, equality, and democracy so that the promise of the Pledge of Allegiance will not be "liberty and justice for some," but for all.

"An admirable and thoughtful book" - Social Forces

"Rank's book is a must read for students and scholars studying the poverty problem. It is emotionally moving, intellectually stimulating and it inspires us to action." - International Journal of Social Welfare

"Amid the commercial babble of most messages heard in a land of plenty, Rank's thesis definitely deserves a higher profile." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A vital book that reminds us of the greatest blind spot in American politics." - Gregg Easterbrook, The New Republic

"If you routinely accept America continuing to build more and more prison space but want to debate building more schools--don't read this book. If you feel good about the 'Welfare to Work' law even though 25% of all workers in Iowa make poverty level wages--don't read this book. Mark Rank's One Nation, Underprivileged is for all the rest of us who believe poverty is a weapon of mass destruction and that we should all work to change the course this country is barreling down." - Honorable Patricia Scott Schroeder, President and CEO Association of American Publishers, and Form er Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado

"Rank stands out amid the rising chorus of authors who are decrying wage stagnation and widening income gap in that he tackles the very concept of poverty and its dimensions to demonstrate how and why its pervasiveness makes it a moral and political problem that affects everyone." - America, the National Catholic Weekly

"America is a wealthy land filled with poverty and economic insecurity that deny millions of our children a fair start in life. One Nation, Underprivileged attacks the problem with new and often surprising research, strong moral values, an ear for real people's voices, and a powerful sense of optimism. Mark Rank reveals how we all share the economic, social, personal, and moral costs of economic insecurity in America and shows why and how we can fight back." - Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund

"One Nation, Underprivileged is a valuable book, filled with insights from research and from listening to people in poverty. It addresses fundamental questions about why those who aren't poor should care about the costs of poverty.... An important contribution to the national debate about why people are poor and what should be done about poverty in America." - Mark Greenberg, Director of Policy, Center for Law and Social Policy

"Amid the commercial babble of most messages heard in a land of plenty, Ranks thesis definitely deserves a higher profile." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"...Offers an analytical yet passionate critique of the harsh economic reality of poverty, which will affect most of us during our lives... " - Z Magazine

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