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Armed Madhouse, by Greg Palast

By an everyday book reader
May 1, 2007

Digging up reams of documents marked "secret" and "confidential," Palast provides the latest lowdown on Bush's secret plans to seize Iraq's oil, the fix planned for the 2008 election, who drowned New Orleans, and the horror and the humor of the War on Terror.

With diligent detective work, moral outrage, and a keen sense of the absurd, Palast takes on the "armed and dangerous clowns that rule us" as only he can.

Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf? China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left, and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War
by Greg PalastBook Picture

Softcover: 432 pages
ISBN: 9780452288317, 0452288312
Penguin Group
April 2007

In his most provocative and caustically funny book yet, Greg Palast, author of the national bestseller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, once again gives us the straight scoop on the stories that Big Media won't report.

"A Truth Hound... Palast's stories bite. They're so relevant they threaten to alter history." - Chicago Tribune

"Palast, a tough-talking, fedora-wearing corporate fraud investigator turned intrepid journalist, has a habit for finding actual documents and then using them in edgy exposes." - Los Angeles Times

"Courageous reporting." - Michael Moore

"Gripping, provocative, inspiring." - John Perkins, the New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

"Upsets all the right people." - Noam Chomsky

"Type of investigative reporter you don't see anymore - a cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes." - Jim Hightower

"I urge you: read Palast's latest book, Armed Madhouse. The story is like a spy thriller." - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Greg Palast is the author The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a New York Times bestseller - it spent 6 months on the list - and produced and starred in the hit BBC documentary Bush Family Fortunes. His undercover reports appear regularly in Harper's magazine, on BBC's NewsNight, and on Pacifica's Democracy Now! Palast has won numerous awards for his investigative journalism, including six Project Censored awards and the Guerrilla News Network Reporter of the Year.

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