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Who's Your Daddy

By Jacinta Faber
April 22, 2007

Oh, for the days of "the Big Boss" from Kansas City, MO. Ted Pendergast with help from his brother Michael had become one of the great political machines of the twentieth century. From stuffing ballots to road construction, they took care of their own. The Pendergast machine can be credited for Harry Truman's ascendancy to the White House. Truman with gratitude once stated that he loved Michael, "As I did my own daddy."

Some of us in Ellis County are in the throes of a wind fight, and we sorely need a daddy, but all we are getting is ...

...but all we are getting is far-flung relations: brother, sister, step-son, step-father, and let's not forget the in-laws. Daily it seems there is a new revelation of how one person is connected to the other. Looks like plenty of kin but no one to care for us. Can we find "the Big Boss" without the corruption but with the heart for the little guy?

Who's our daddy? Is it CPV Wind Hays? At first blush, you might think so. It definitely seems to want us, or at least some of us, but you have to wonder. At the March 28th Zoning Commission meeting, Krista Jo Gordon, a representative for CPV Wind Hays, spent time refuting some of the myths about industrial wind power. Here is a myth she blew out of the water: Wind turbines damage water resources. Krista Jo explained, "Uh, we consulted with local experts and we've been told the Dakota Formation in the area of the project is four to five hundred feet below where we'd be placing wind turbines. It's just not possible to impact that water table." That is all well and good, but here in Yocemento we do not use the Dakota Aquifer for domestic use. The holes, 20 by 37 ft. in which the turbines will be placed, will be excavated by digging and blasting. The meaningful question should be how that might affect the ground water supply which we actually use. Pa Ingalls would never have tried to pull the wool over Half-Pint's eyes like that, much less ply her with drinking water from the Dakota Aquifer. Nasty!

The Zoning Commission, are you the one? Writing the regulations to favor commercial interests would surely make "the Big Boss" smile. You tell us the reason for your existence is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of all the citizens of Ellis County. But in your zoning regulations, an industrial turbine can be set as close as 1000 ft from a home. A turbine blade weighs approximately 1.5 tons. There is a documented case where a blade tip broke off (the technical term is "blade throw") and soared 1200 ft. A loving father would never intentionally place his children in harm's way.

The Hays Daily News, could it be you? Like a good disciplinarian, you upbraided our rancorous clan for having all the information early on in the wind proposal, but were too lazy to take action. Getting on your web site, I reviewed HDN's past coverage. Aug 19th, 2005, the City Commissioners voiced concerns about the wind power proposal with one comparing it with the gold rush, and another wondering how the proposal will affect land owners with property adjoined to the land being leased. Aug 30th, 2005, Hays City Commissioners unanimously approved a letter endorsing a 50 turbine wind operation west of town. Oct. 12th, 2005, conservationists sought wind farm rules. Buried in to the article was a mention that the proposed wind site in Hays had been eliminated. The wind was knocked out of CPV's sales, but no reason was given. In 2006, there were two articles, one about wind power and its effect on wildlife, and the other declaring Dodge City the windiest city in the United States. Hold on to your hats! 130 turbines are heading to Yocemento a.k.a. Dodge City! This scanty coverage was heavy on CPV Wind Hays (not our daddy), and light on opposing views. In parenting 101, dads should not show partiality, even if one of the kids is rich and powerful.

County Commissioners, you are our last hope. We elected you. In a way we choose you to be our daddy. Please protect the safety, health and well-being of your own in Ellis County. We are depending on you.


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