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Profits for a Few - Environmental Degradation for All

By J.P. Michaud
March 26, 2007

The proposed wind farm west of Hays, Kansas (in western Kansas) will represent a nightmare development for everyone living in the area. It is not a project driven by local needs, nor will it represent a net benefit to the Hays community.

It is a project driven by individual and corporate greed that will export both the power and the profits. There is not a single community that has ever hosted such a development that has not lived to regret it.

It is a four-year old conspiracy by a handful of greedy landowners to make huge profits and saddle this community with an ecological catastrophe for perpetuity. Representing only a few families, all inter-related by marriage, these people have been planning and pushing for such a project for at least four years now and they appear about to realize their dream - at the expense of their neighbors and the environment of the Hays community.

The major beneficiaries of this project do not even live on the actual land affected, but they will make substantial annual income from each tower AND get a break on their property taxes while small land holders like ourselves receive absolutely nothing by way of compensation for all the numerous 'externalities' associated with this form of energy generation. These negative impacts are guaranteed to reduce property values for everyone else living in the area. Most of this power will probably be sold east to Topeka and Kansas City, so why don't they build the farm closer to the demand? Because they are being run out of town, that's why. Don't believe me? Learn all about how wind farms and the Flint Hills in Kansas here.

The term 'wind farm' is a deceptive euphemism for an environmental insult - there is nothing 'green' about the power they produce. If you are concerned local citizen (live in Ellis County Kansas), please sign the petition (below) and/or come to the next (re-scheduled) meeting of the Ellis County Zoning Board (date to be announced).

Check out a video of this abandoned wind farm in Hawaii to see what the view west of Hays could look like in a few years. Here is some of what I have discovered, with the help of my wife and others.

  1. Wind Power is NOT 'Green Energy'. At least not yet. Although touted by supporters as 'environmentally friendly', wind energy is extremely inefficient, and will increase rather than reduce the need for additional coal-fired energy production in the vicinity of Hays due to its need for a reliable backup power supply. Furthermore, diesel engines are required to 'kick-start' turbines that have come to rest. A tower must be in operation for 7 years just to recover the carbon footprint of its installation. The lifetime of towers is still a matter for speculation, but abandoned windmills that have outlived their usefulness litter stretches of the California landscape, leaking toxic fluids and heavy metals. No one wants to touch these things.
  2. Why Hays Kansas? The selection of this site was not based on what is best for the Hays community but on what is most convenient for the developing corporation - proximity to the Hays power grid for distributing the power. Less populated areas further west are a much more socially acceptable choice for this type of development.
  3. Lack of Local Need. The purpose of this development is not to supply local energy needs, but rather to generate income for an out-of-state corporation that will exploit tax breaks for an otherwise unprofitable project and then sell the power to the highest bidder. The bulk of the power and the profits will be exported - except for the blood money that will be paid to the local farmers who have sold out.
  4. Property Values. Abundant evidence suggests that wind farms reduce property values in their vicinity by up to 30%. What compensation will be offered to landowners who are negatively impacted by this development, yet have no towers or income from the project? Surveys in Illinois indicate 74% of people familiar with turbines would not build or buy within � mile of one.
  5. Lack of Regulations Ensuring Corporate Responsibility. There is a complete lack of federal standards regulating the operation, maintenance, and environmental responsibilities of wind farms. Neither the EPA nor the NIH have established standards for wind farm operation that protect human health and safety. This burden of responsibility rests entirely on the municipalities that host these developments. Any unforeseen problems arising from this development will be a burden for our local government to bear in perpetuity.
  6. Inadequate Setbacks. A setback of towers 1,000 feet from existing residences, as proposed, is nowhere near adequate to protect residences from all the externalities associated with wind power generation. Numerous studies of existing wind farms suggest that setbacks from residences should be 1.5 to 2 miles at least. In Illinois, 40% of people living 0.5 miles from a turbine still complain about noise.
  7. Noise Pollution. Noise is the No. 1 complaint of those living near wind farm operations. Low-frequency vibrations often penetrate buildings. Even well-maintained turbines create noise, but if not properly maintained even worse noise is generated. There is no legal recourse for residents if operators are lax in maintenance.
  8. Hydrological Risks. Towers must be installed on deep foundations with substantial potential for water table contamination. We already live in a geographic region of 'negative water recharge' - we are depleting our aquifers faster than they are being replenished - and these installations will further endanger our precious local water supply.
  9. Visual Pollution (day and night). Destruction of our prairie landscape by visually intrusive towers is obvious, but nighttime light pollution by flashing strobe lights will also degrade the pristine nighttime experience and make it more difficult to view familiar astronomical features most of us have come to take for granted.
  10. Air Quality Issues. Elevated levels of airborne dust result from turbine rotation, increasing particulate air pollution. Airborne dust is already a major health concern in this area and a wind farm can only exacerbate this human health hazard. The location of these towers has the potential to create huge summer dust storms driven by southerly winds that could easily close stretches of I-70.
  11. Wildlife Hazards. Numerous hazards to wildlife have been identified, to migrating birds, in particular. Hunting is an important local recreation and source of revenue that could be negatively impacted.
  12. Human Health Risks. Numerous direct and indirect impacts of wind farms on human health are being studied all over the world in locations where wind energy projects have been in place for years. Negative impacts on human health can be both physiological and psychological and are still being evaluated. There are allegations of spontaneous hemorrhaging menstrual irregularities, urinary and digestive problems, and infertility.
  13. Hazards to Cattle. There are various examples of negative impact on grazing cattle that include weight loss, inexplicable bleeding and spontaneous abortions.
  14. Interference with Telecommunication and Satellite Signal Reception. Residents in the vicinity of wind farms consistently report interference with satellite TV reception and loss of cell phone service. This will have both economic and social impact on all affected residents.
  15. Lack of Socio-Economic Benefits. Independent research indicates that wind farm projects have a very poor record of development in the communities that choose to host them. Despite promises of local employment, most jobs usually go to out-of-state contractors and there is little, if any, investment in basic infrastructure.
  16. Increased Heavy Vehicle Traffic. This will persist for the extended construction period. More than 100 tons of concrete are poured for the base of each tower. By my estimation, some 300,000 tons of rock must be quarried, crushed and trucked for all the access roads and concrete foundations. Additional permanent traffic will be associated with tower maintenance.

Where is the Environmental Impact Plan that any reasonable governmental authority would require? Where are the studies to assess the social and economic consequences for this region?

They do not exist.

The 'back-door' nature of this deal appears to have easily circumvented any reasonable assessment of this project's impact on the community.

If the Ellis County Zoning Commission approves this project they will be selling out the residents of this community and blighting our landscape for eternity. The $600,000 annual contribution to the county budget is nothing more than a corporate bribe that could evaporate at a moment's notice. It is a laughable pittance when compared to the negative impacts of this development, and nowhere near enough to offset the permanent damage it will do to our environment. It is precisely the job of the Zoning Commission to defend the interests of the community as a whole - not simply bow to the interests of a handful of greedy landowners seeking personal profit. To those who would whore out their land for this project, we have only one question. What kind of citizen puts their own personal greed ahead of the environmental health and safety of their neighbors and their community?

Sites and documents with more information:

  1. Common Misconceptions About Wind Power (provided to the Zoning Board by Tim Davis)
  2. Introductory Facts About Wind Power (provided to the Zoning Board by Tim Davis)
  3. Noise Radiation from Wind Turbines Installed Near Homes: Effects on Health
  4. Wind Turbines: Noise & Health, 2007
  5. Protect the Flint Hills of Kansas
  6. Wind Farms Make People Sick
  7. Wind Watch
  8. Save Western New York
  9. North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance
  10. Lincoln, Wisconsin, Moratorium on Wind Turbine
  11. Our Wind Farm Story (by one family)
  12. It takes 50 turbines to power a shopping mall
  13. Comments regarding lack of regulation for a New York wind farm


The Ellis County Planning and Zoning Commission will have a public hearing at soon. When we learn the re-scheduled date and time, we will place it here. The hearing is expected to be heated. Competitive Power Ventures, the company developing the potential Ellis County wind farm, will request a conditional use zoning permit.


We, the undersigned, request a complete moratorium on the proposed Hays Wind Farm Proposal until such time as the following comprehensive assessments can be made by qualified persons or agencies without financial interests in this project.

  1. Assessment of net economic impact of this project on the community and all affected residents.
  2. Assessment of fair and equitable compensation packages for affected landowners whose property values will be depressed.
  3. Assessment of the numerous environmental hazards posed by this development to the entire surrounding community, including impacts on human and animal health, water table contamination, air quality issues, noise and visual pollution, and all the localized impacts associated with the construction phase of the project.
  4. Assessment of community liability in 'worst case scenarios', either economic or environmental.


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Comments (85)

As an affected resident, I support this petition 100%.

J.P. Michaud
1189 180th Ave
Hays, Kansas, 67601

Nikki Hausler:

PLEASE do not allow this windfarm to ruin this beautiful county of ours!!!!

Nikki Hausler

Paul Wildeman:

I have read this petition and agree that we need to stop this project.

Paul Wildeman

Bravo on such a great expose of the wind industry!

Tammy Deterding:

Tammy Deterding
1145 Pine Ridge Drive, Hays

steve price:

Steve Price
1137 Pine Ridge Dr.
Hays, KS

I oppose this development in the proposed location and therefore support this petition.

Bradley Thompson:

Bradley Thompson
3707 Canal Blvd B
Hays, KS

I endorse this petition

Bob and Barb Goodrow:

We endorse this petition.

Bob and Barb Goodrow
1497 200th Ave.
Hays, Kansas 67601

Justin & Kayla Schlepp:

We support this petition 100%!!

Justin & Kayla Schlepp
1134 Lake Hollow Drive
Hays, Kansas 67601

Stan Unruh:

I fully support the petition!
1081 Noose Road
Hays, KS 67601
Stan Unruh

Rod and Pat Bittel & family:

As an affected family to this proposed windmill project we are extremely opposed to it and in full support of this petition

Rod and Pat Bittel & family
1101 Noose Road
Hays, KS 67601

Mark Deterding:

Mark & Tammy Deterding
1145 Pine Ridge Drive

I oppose this wind farm

Terri Rule:

Terri Rule
1138 Lake Hollow
Hays, KS 67601

I support this petition!

Jeff and Lisa Arnhold:

PLease keep this out of residential areas. Move it out where there aren't new housing developments. It should be at least 10 miles outside of the city limits in all directions.

Jeff and Lisa Arnhold
1310 MacArthur Road
Hays, KS 67601

Bruce and Terri Rupp:

This is nothing more than a monetary benefit for a few families who don't care about their neighbors lifestyles or the counties best interest. This farm can be put further away from hays and not near residential areas.

Bruce and Terri Rupp
1514 200th Ave
Hays, KS 67601

Jackie Bollig:

Jackie Bollig
1075 Noose Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

I support this petition and oppose the wind farm

Howard and Lucy Barnes:

Howard and Lucy Barnes and Family
950 Noose Road
Hays, Kansas 67601

We support this petition!!!

Darrin and Tricia Lynch:

We currently reside at 1105 Noose Road and oppose the siting of a wind farm in our neighborhood.

Specifically, we are troubled that our property values, both intrinsic and extrinsic, will be negatively impacted by the proposed wind farm. Wind resources abound in many nonresidential areas in Ellis County with transmission facility interconnections available in those nonresidential areas, to be confirmed by power pool authorities who would conduct transmission feasiblity studies. We do support the efforts to utilize renewable energy resources when possible to further the goals of Kansas to be a "net exporter" of energy by harnessing our native wind resources, but not at the expense of several families who could stand to lose property value and be driven out of their homes for the very reasons they moved into the area. Provided the wind farm were to indeed negatively impact property values and driven out of their homes from the possible noise and viewscape pollution, those families would endure a double whammy by being forced to sell for quite possibly less than they paid to move into the neighborhood. The expense of many can be avoided possibly all together by siting such a project in a purely nonresidential area. We moved to this "Yocemento neighborhood" to enjoy the quiet peacefulness and have thoroughly enjoyed our friendly neighbors and take a great deal of pride in making this neighborhood a place to simply call home. We have every intention of making this neighborhood our permanent home, through both our working and retirement years, and pray that serious consideration is given to the siting of this project in another location. Thank you.

Darrin and Tricia Lynch

Dave Dreiling:

I support this petition!

Dave Dreiling
517 W 32nd OR 691 Frederic
Hays, KS

Bill Kramer:

William Kramer
1100 Country Club Dr
Hays, KS 67601

I Sign the Wind Farm Petition

I fully support this petition and hope to see everyone at the meeting.

Jacinta Faber
1540 Yocemento Ave
Hays, KS 67601

I fully support this petition. Clean energy is good, but a power generation factory such as this should not be placed so close to residences.

Our home for 18+ years has been at 1540 Yocemento Ave, Hays, KS 67601.

Our home would be less than a quarter mile from a tower if this is built.

Paul Faber
1540 Yocemento Ave
Hays, KS 67601

Dionne Werth:

Dionne Werth
1133 Pine Ridge Dr.
Hays, KS 67601

I am for renewable resources but a wind farm of this magnitude should not be placed in the front and back yards of a residential area. We moved out here 2 1/2 yrs ago because of the neighborhood, neighbors, and the peacefulness of the views. We did not move out here to live in the middle of a wind farm. A wind farm of this size needs to be moved away from residential areas. The wind blows all throughout Kansas not just in our front and back yards!

Ray A. Dinkel:

I endorse this petition. 100%

Ray A. Dinkel

Diane Scott:

I adamantly oppose the development of the Wind Farm proposed to be constructed west and south of Hays. I am also suggesting a nuisance suit be brought forward to block this project; this based on the opinion that this project was done in a covert manner, in order to avoid any opposition of the large populous who will be directly affected in a negative way to financially benefit only 3 landowners.

Diane Scott
307 W 37th St
Hays, Kansas


We agree with this petition and do not want the wind farm in the area. There are many more appropriate places for a wind farm such as in western Kansas crop land now being used to grow corn!! Wind farms have a place in Kansas but not so close to the many houses and families who live near by.

Chuck and Sandy Zadina
1731 Yocemento Ave.
Hays, KS

Kim Lambrecht:

Kim Lambrecht
1522 200th Avenue
Hays, Ks

I support this petition.

Melinda Pfannenstiel:

I am against the wind farm being placed in the proposed location southwest of Hays. Please add my name to the petition.

thank you
Melinda Pfannenstiel
1235 Munjor Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

Leon Pfannenstiel:

Please add my name to the petition regarding the wind farm being placed southwest of Hays.

Leon Pfannenstiel
1235 Munjor Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

Bruce Rupp:

My name is Bruce Rupp
I live at 1514 200th Ave.
Hays KS

I oppose the windfarm. It will create an eyesore for the people who want a sunset without a turbine or strobe-light effect. I didn't move out to the country to have these monstrosities in my back yard blocking my country view. They belong in unpopulated areas not near a town of 20,000 and not right by a new housing development with 20 homes built in the last 10 years at values between $200,000-$300,000.

Jackie Bollig:

I support this petition:

Jackie Bollig
1075 Noose Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

Tina Foltz:

I support this petition

Tina Foltz
Hays Kansas

502 W. 39th, Hays KS.:

502 W. 39th, Hays KS.

I am against building wind farms. I think this is an example of big business getting richer and money hungry landowners getting richer at the expense of others. I think that we already have enough things for our kids and grandchildren to clean up in the future. We have already created enough issues with the environment that are causing problems without adding more to it.

(Note from site moderator: Will the person who left this comment please sign back in and give a name? We can't add you to the petition without a name! Just sign below and give this address again and we'll know its you...)

Sheri Stone:

I am opposed to the wind farms, they make the prairie side look terrible. I have seen the ones around Spearville and they are ugly. I think that the health risks outweigh the benefits. Has anyone watched Erin Brochavich? I think this is another example of "money hungry" and big corporations getting rich at the expense of others. I think that if KPL in KC wants to use the wind farms as a source of energy then build them there. The risk of these farms and the health problems are of utmost concern. I think that we already have enough health problems without having to add more risks. Our children and grandchildren already have a tough job of cleaning up the environment that we have already created from out "stupidity." Let's stop this from becoming one more problem to fix in 30 years. I hope that this does not fall upon deaf ears. It is time we stand up against those greedy corporations and also those in our community who are getting richer at the expense of the health of others. Stop the madness.

Sheri Stone
502 W. 39th Street
Hays, KS

Lori Appelhans:

I support this petition. My family moved to our home 3 years ago for the calm and beauty of country living. We did not move here to have that ruined by 130 unsightly GIANT towers.

Lori Appelhans
1107 Noose Rd
Hays, Kansas 67601

Vince and Cindy Newell:

We are not against wind energy-just not in our front yard. Please don't ruin our beautiful country side and the value of our property.

Vince and Cindy Newell
1117 Noose Rd,
Hays,Ks 67601

Vickie Unruh:

We fully support this petition. We are not opposed to wind energy, but we are opposed to such a project being located near our home.

Stan and Vickie Unruh
1081 Noose Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

Angie Grant:

Angie Grant
My address:1189 180th avenue, Hays, KS

CPV would like us all to believe that they are going out of their way to help us landowners that they neglected to include on the whole plan for 4 years! Truthfully, if they voluntarily increased the setback from my house, it was done the night of the meeting because I received a map of the wind farm earlier that same morning and there were exactly three wind mills almost on top of my house. However, when she showed the map on the screen at the meeting, my house had zero wind mills around it. Is this just more lies ? I do not know but there are just far too many unknown risks here ? Yes, it is new technology but even new technology is risky. Especially at ~1500 feet away from my home.

Charles and Shawndra Albers:

Charles and Shawndra Albers
1509 Holmes Rd, Hays, KS
We Support this Petition.

John L. Schmeidler:

Stop the industrial turbines.
I support this petition.

John L. Schmeidler
2169 Locust Grove Road
Hays, KS

Jim and Luanne Kramer:

My family has land interest within the affected area. We support this petition

Jim & Luanne Kramer
120 W. 37th St.
Hays, KS

Dan Koerner:

I support this petition:

Dan Koerner
106 W. 33rd. A.
Hays KS. 67601

Vern & Jeanne Riedel:

Vern & Jeanne Riedel
1530 Yocemento Ave.
Hays, KS

We support this petition.

Troy Robinson:

I support this petition 100%, No wind farm !!!!

Troy Robinson
1155 280th Ave.
Hays, KS 67601

Robert Bentham:

I support this petition...
Robert Bentham

(Note: Robert, we can't add your name to the petition without an Ellis County address. Do you have one? If you do, please drop to the bottom of this page and add it. Thank you.)

Don and Nila Walker:

We support this petition.

Don and Nila Walker
970 Noose Road
Hays, KS 67601

Jane Matlock:

I support this petition.

Jane Matlock
1465 200th Ave.
Hays, KS - Ellis County


John and Mary Barnes
615 Munjor Road
Hays, KS 67601

We live within 3 miles of the proposed wind farm. We drive past the area these monsters are HOPING to make their home every morning on my way to work in Hays and again on our way home from work. I feel sad when I drive by this site knowing that the potential is there to destroy the country side that we have come to love for the past 26 years that my family have lived in our home southwest of Hays. Not only is the fact that the beautiful view will be take away, the birds will not be singing their beautiful songs, there is also the peaceful nights of hearing the frogs croak and crickets chirp, the blackness of the midnight air - ALL taken away, by my greedy so called neighbors. Let's not forget to mention the health hazards that are being ushered in along with these monstrosities as well as all of the lies that we are being forced feed. We are not as nitwitted as Ms. Gordon thought of this rural area. WE fully support this petition.

Sheryle Robinson:

Our Yocemento acreage,the large hill embedded with the stone cross, has been a landmark in Ellis county for over 50 years. Visible from I70, the hillside has given citizens and passersby a sense of well being and faith. On top the hill one can see for miles in all directions. The proposed wind farm will obliterate this view and ruin this beautiful area for years to come. Harnessing wind energy is a great idea-just the wrong location. I have read and support this petition.

Sheryle Robinson
4255 Keystone Rd.
Hays, KS. 67601

Valarie Corwin:

Valarie Corwin
1709 Volga Drive Apt. B
Hays, KS 67601

I fully support this petition.

Joe Potts:

Joe Potts
1345 Engel Road
Lawrence, KS 66044

I too oppose this development in the proposed location and support this petition.

Mike & Sheryl Butler:

We are in support of this petition. We oppose this industrial wind complex that is threatening to ruin our way of life and health and that of our children.

Mike & Sheryl Butler
779 Golf Course Rd.
Hays, Ks. 67601

I support this petition.
Newton, KS

Phil Epp

Jason Dinges:

I have signed the petition. This windfarm should be located in an isolated area, not near homes.

Jason Dinges
1584 Smoky Hill River Road
Hays, KS. 67601

Carla Zimmerman:

I am signing the petition against the wind farm.

Jim & Carla Zimmerman
3121 Thunderbird Circle, Hays, Kansas

Rod Kaus:

I completely oppose this industrial wind complex! I totally support this petition. I would challenge anybody to put a bright light above their ceiling fan and turn the fan on low and see how long you can stand to stay in that room. Add in some low frequencies that these turbine's produce, (that you can't hear) that effect's our health. That's what we'll have to deal with everyday after work or be imprisoned in house with all the shade's pulled and window's closed. There has to be a better place.

Rod Kaus
1479 210th Ave
Hays, KS 67601

Jenna Leiker:

I support this petition!
Jenna Leiker
1301 Holmes Rd
Hays KS 67601

Austin Goodrow:

I support this petition

Austin Goodrow
1301 Holmes Rd
Hays KS 67601

Julie Paul:

I support this petition!

Julie Paul

(Note from website moderator: Julie, will you please add another comment below to include your actual address? Your signature is not valid on this petition without a residential or business address in Ellis County. Thanks!)

Tara Kaus:

I support this petition!
Tara Kaus
1479 210th Ave.
Hays, KS

Dustin Frank:

I support this petition. I am opposed to having a wind farm so close to a populated area.

Dustin Frank
214 West 12th
Hays, KS 67601

Wes Leiker:

Time too clean house if our county commissioners even think of supporting this project.
This is a big mistake for our area.

Wes Leiker
Hays, KS


I fully support this petition

Jodi Klaus
513 Meadow Dr
Hays, KS 67601

Randy & Debbie Urban:

Wind farms, like hog farms and feedlots should be as far away from towns and people as possible. Do the people supporting this really think the city of Hays will continue to grow and develop when all you see are wind turbines that close to town?

We don't live in Hays, but it's our hometown, it's where our family is, and it's where we go to shop and do business. I can't believe anyone would support something like this so close to the largest city in Northwest Kansas.

We are all for alternative sources of energy, however there is a lot of open space in Northwest Kansas where the turbines would be away from everyone. Thats where they need to be. Please don't let money or greed ruin our quality of life in Hays Ks.

We definitely SUPPORT THIS PETITION!!!!!

Randy & Debbie Urban
Bison, Rush County, Kansas

Joe Leiker:

I don't even like wind. No wind farm. I approve this message.

Joe Leiker
Hays, Kansas

Jeanie Brungardt:

I DO NOT SUPPORT the wind farm. I feel it can be located somewhere in a more remote area. Besides we will not benefit from it, if any thing our energy rates will only raise. Heaven knows we don't need that. Too bad we here can't save the energy for us, give us the break first, then sell the surplus. (I support this petition)

Jeanie Brungardt
Victoria, Kansas

Larry Brungardt:

I support this petition

Larry A Brungardt
Victoria, Kansas

Jody Pfannenstiel:

I support this petition. I am against all the illegal and corrupt activities and dishonest , greedy people involved in this project.

Jody Pfannenstiel
1235 Munjor Rd.
Hays, KS 67601

Brad Rea:

I support this petition.

Brad Rea
3805 Butterfield Road
Hays, KS

John Jaeger:

I support this petition. I am opposed to the construction of a wind farm in close proximity to a densely populated area.

John Jaeger
1357 Noose Rd
Hays, KS

Lois Thompson:

I support this petition.

Lois Thompson
1211 Felten Drive
Hays, KS 67601

Bruce and Terri Rupp:

Commissioners need to look at what is really good for "whole" community. We support the petition.

Bruce & Terri Rupp

Matt Billinger:

I strongly support this petition.

Matt Billinger
Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS 67601

Ashley Heaton:

I support this petition.

Ashley Heaton
2716 Willow St
Hays, KS 67601

Shirley Brungardt:

I support this petition! We do not need this so close to residential areas.

Shirley Brungardt
2409 Virginia Dr.
Hays, KS


This is a very POOR decision for Ellis county. There are absolutely no benefits to the citizens of this area, and the amount of money earned by the landowners will be a liability in 10 years time. Please, let's put some pressure on the individuals who will, by their actions, affect our lifestyle and create a blight on our landscape.

CW Ihloff
1312 W 44th
Hays, Kansas 67601

Jairo & Karen Arias and Family:

After reading through many different sources about the pros and cons of the wind farm in the Hays area, we are convinced that it DOES NOT belong in such proximity of our homes.

We fully support this petition.

Jairo & Karen Arias and Family
1317 Central Street
Hays, KS 67601

Chris Appelhans:

Zoning in the City of Hays would never allow an industrial development to be built near a residential area, zoning in the county should be no different.

I support this petition.

Chris Appelhans
1107 Noose Rd
Hays, KS 67601

Larry Knowles:

I support this petition.

Larry Knowles
103 W. 13th
Hays, KS 67601

Jan Werth:

I support the protest petition.

Jan Werth
Hays, KS 67601


I fully support the above petition.

Eric Newton
Ellis, KS

Ericka Weintz:

Having Read this single paragraph (pasted below) from the article above - I am amazed that this project is even being considered in Ellis County. Years down the road, with little or no "potentially contaminated" water - will the wind turbines be our salvation?

"Hydrological Risks. Towers must be installed on deep foundations with substantial potential for water table contamination. We already live in a geographic region of 'negative water recharge' - we are depleting our aquifers faster than they are being replenished - and these installations will further endanger our precious local water supply. "

I support this petition.

Ericka Gillespie-Weintz
1307 Washington Circle
Hays, Kansas

Thanks but no thanks:

Since very few will gain from this project, I would say put it somewhere would be nice if we could utilize the electricity locally and see lowered utility bills, but unfortunately, this is not the case.


The public has been sold a bill of goods and the entire wind industry has gotten away with bloody murder by ignoring the concerns of residents and danger to wildlife. We are fighting the same overwhelming deluge of turbines here in Canada as well.

Don't be fooled...This is all about big business exploiting rural communities for the $$$$, folks. I commend you people on your fight. Go get em!

M. Anderson
Ontario, Canada

Sandy & Terry Redetzke:

Sandy & Terry Redetzke
304 Washington St
Ellis, KS 67637

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