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Doing Democracy, by Bill Moyer

By an everyday book reader
March 1, 2007

Citizen activism has achieved many positive results. But the road to success for social movements is often complex, usually lasting many years, with few guides for evaluating the precise stage of a movement's evolution to determine the best way forward.

This book is both a strategic orientation to, and a tactical primer on, how to develop and manage non-violent social movements at the grassroots or "people power" level.

Doing Democracy
by Bill Moyer, Steven Soifer, JoAnn MacAllister, Mary Lou FinleyBook Picture

Softcover: 416 pages
ISBN: 9780865714182, 0865714185
New Society Publishers
August 2001

Doing Democracy provides both a theory and working model for understanding and analyzing social movements, ensuring that they are successful in the long term.

Beginning with an overview of social movement theory and the MAP (Movement Action Plan) model, Doing Democracy outlines the eight stages of social movements, the four roles of activists, and case studies from the civil rights, anti-nuclear energy, Central America, gay/lesbian, women's health, and globalization movements.

Bill Moyer is the originator of the MAP Model; he and his coauthors combine several decades of movement experience.

"This book provides a very valuable analysis of the stages that movements go through, on the way to success. The case histories teach, among other things, that the stages can overlap. This book is grounded in the tradition of nonviolent social action. It is remains idealistic in the best sense, and is not cynical." - Eric E. Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

The chapters in this book include:

  • The Movement Action Plan
    • The MAP Theory of Social Activism
    • The Four Roles of Social Movements
    • The Eight Stages of Social Movements
    • Believing in the Power of Social Movements
  • Social Movement Theories and MAP
    • Beginnings of a Dialogue
  • Case Studies
    • The U.S. Civil Rights Movement
    • The Anti-Nuclear Energy Movement
    • The Gay and Lesbian Movement in the United States
    • The Breast Cancer Social Movement
    • The Globalization Movement
  • Conclusion Toward the Future

Read this book and then go out and make the world better!

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