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The Trailer Reactions to the Upcoming Wonder Woman Movie

Ever since I followed the trailer reactions to the Batman Vs. Superman movie, I’ve been hooked on watching the trailer reactions of the movies I look forward to seeing. It’s fun following various people give their opinions and to see their reactions to the trailers. Many of them are comic book nerds or movie nerds like me. One movie that I really look forward to seeing is director Patty Jenkins 2017 movie Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman was created …

The Republican Move To The Right

The Obama Presidency has been a very interesting and dramatic time. During the 2008 elections, the economy went through its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The Arab Spring has erupted across the Middle East, as the populace has gone to the streets to assert its rights against various oppressive governments in the region. Iran continues to cause trouble as it tries to develope the capacity to create nuclear power. In our own country the major political development has …

The Friendship of Thomas Jefferson and John and Abigail Adams

These are extremely partisan times. Democrats and Republicans seem to be unable to work together as they fight to an impasse in Congress over such issues as climate change, gay rights, immigration reform, and health care reform. Tea Party members try to vote out of office any politician who is not sufficiently conservative, while progressives decry the Obama administration for taking too many compromises in the health care reform bill and the stimulus bill. Though these times may seem exceedingly …

Benjamin Franklin and His Fight to Abolish Slavery

Benjamin Franklin has always been my favorite Founding Father. Of all the Founding Fathers, he seemed the most witty, the most personable. When I watched the movie 1776, I really enjoyed the jolly Benjamin Franklin persona that I watched on the screen. I admire Franklin’s accomplishments as a scientist, a politician, and a diplomat to France and England. When I read the book Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph Ellis, I didn’t realize the extant of Benjamin Franklin’s involvement …

Hate Crimes on the Rise

America becoming ‘post racial’?

Maybe we need to take a deep breath and start working on it in 2010. So far we’ve not gotten the hang of it. A recent report says that hate crimes have spiked as we end the first decade of the 21st century.

Conservative religious leaders did their best to defeat the federal hate crimes bill passed by Congress earlier this year. This included ominous warnings of pastors being arrested in their pulpits for preaching the …

Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Universal Health Care

“Turning now to the rest of the agenda for 1974, the time is at hand this year to bring comprehensive, high quality health care within the reach of every American. I shall propose a sweeping new program that will assure comprehensive health insurance protection to millions of Americans who cannot now obtain it or afford it, with vastly improved protection against catastrophic illnesses.” (Richard Nixon, January 30, 1974)
Over 35 years ago, Senator Ted Kennedy tried to collaborate with President …

Tired of People Dying Needlessly? You Can Make It Stop!

The majority of Americans want health insurance reform with the choice of a public option that keeps insurance companies honest, lowers costs, and increases service. The choice of a public option provides you a non-profit health insurance alternative you can purchase. It’s one that can’t be canceled if you lose a job or move.

We have only a short period of time to reach the critical mass we’ll need to pressure Congress into passing healthcare reform including a public option

The Prose of Citizenship

Here are some scenes from almost a year ago, remember?

It was, for so many of us, a euphoric period. America entered into an extended period of self congratulatory reveling; with a crumbling economy, two wars abroad from which our country was becoming increasingly disconnected yet our nation’s capacity to transcend some of the worst of its past and elected the U.S.’s first African-American president.

However, I will never forget former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s wise council regarding electoral …

In Tribute To Jana Mackey: One Year Later

This week marks an anniversary for me that I would much rather not be celebrating. One year ago, the activist community, the feminist community, and, most importantly to me on a selfish level, my personal community lost one of their best and brightest. I’ve written before about the fact that my friend, Jana Mackey, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in a horrific incident of domestic violence. That was one year ago this week.

As the anniversary of her death approaches, …